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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Builders in Dublin Do?

YourPro’s builders in Dublin are top-rated general contractors who come with years of experience and can execute your new home or commercial building project, from acquiring the necessary permits to breaking ground on your new residence. Most of our experienced builders offer complete start to finish services.

The design and completion of your new build is quite the undertaking. From demolition, if it's necessary to remove unwanted structures to the construction, installation, plumbing, electrical, and finishing touches such as painting, lighting, and other fixtures. Our builders will go above and beyond to ensure we build your new residence to your needs and specifications.

Do YourPro Builders Come with Experience and References?

Yes! Our builders get rigorously vetted and rated before becoming part of our network. They can provide you with proof of qualifications, certifications, examples of previous builds, and references upon your request.

You can have complete peace of mind that you have chosen the right builder to let into your personal space and create your project from the ground up.

What Type of Installations Do Your Builders Provide in Dublin?

Whether you are looking for new home builders orfor some commercial builders , our experienced tradespeople will ensure whatever your dream project is, they will be there right from the beginning. From design to breaking ground, installation, and completion of your building project. Here are some of the most popular builds our builders can do for you.

  • Your Brand New Home, Built from the Ground Up
  • A New Garage
  • A New Workshop or Machine Shop
  • A New Roof
  • A New Commercial Building

Our builders will come equipped with the qualifications, tools, and materials needed to break ground on your future new home or office. They also take care of everything necessary to outfit the inside of your new build as well. Everything can be left in their capable hands!

  • Roof and Wall Insulation
  • Dry walling
  • Plastering
  • Painting
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Doors
  • And so much more
When you select one of our skilled builders in Dublin, we can assure you they will take care of everything needed to make your vision come to life.

What Kind of Costs am I Looking at for Building Work in Dublin?

We won't lie. Building a new home or commercial structure from the ground up will be expensive in a city like Dublin. Though the price will vary significantly whether you are building in a rural area or in the heart of the city. You will also have to factor in the time a new building will take and what you will do for accommodations or commercial space until the project is completed.

For example, can you build a home in Dublin for approximately €150,000? Yes. The budget would be tight but doable. Though many factors are needed to fall into place, the key is to build small and efficient, but still create the design and space you desire.

While our builders will strive to provide the best overall cost on labour and materials, the most significant part of your budget will go to breaking ground, pouring the foundation and the roof.

The cost estimate tool on our app or website will give you a general estimate of our builder's costs. Contacting one or more of our service providers will provide you with an accurate cost estimate that you can then simply choose the best one suited to your vision, budget, and timeframe needs.

Despite the cost, there are many positives to building a new residence from the ground up. Such as being able to select the exact layout and design that you want. From the colour of the paint to the light fixtures. You will have a say in each step when working with our builders, and in the end, you get the dwelling you have always dreamed of, and that is worth every cent.

What are the General Steps Involved for a Builder in Dublin?

If you have chosen your builder, have your accommodations set for the duration of the build, and are ready for construction to begin, these are a general list of steps to the procession of building our new home in Dublin.

  • All required permits have been received.
  • Our builders will work with you to complete the design and concept of your new build.
  • Our builders will provide all necessary equipment to complete your build every step of the way.
  • Our builders will acquire and get the best materials that fit your vision and budget.
  • Our builders will complete your new build within your budget and allotted time frame in your job agreement.
  • Book one of our cleaning services to ready your newly built residence for decorating and furnishing.

Where Do Your Builders Work in Dublin?

Dublin is the type of city where those who live all over Ireland desire to move to. It is also the most desirable place for expats to relocate as well. And our builders come equipped to handle your new build anywhere in Dublin.

It doesn't matter if you're looking to build on the north or south side of the Liffey River, in one of the twenty-four postal districts, or in eclectic neighborhoods such as Dundrum or Portobello. Our builders are ready and able to build your new permanent residence.

Top-rated tradespeople

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