Service Guarantee

Complete your tasks safely!

We want every job you decide to do at your home to be done with consistency, quality and safety. That's why we guarantee to be by your side from start to finish, until the job is done right, through our valued professionals and technology. See below how we achieve it:

1. We always recommend the best Professionals

As soon as you complete the job you want, we recommend the best professionals based on top ratings and area.

In case you want an extra option, you can easily request an extra professional through your dashboard with a single click.

2. We enhance Consistency at every stage of your work

Because we know that both your time and that of our professionals are valuable, we make sure that appointments are made on time.

That's why, before each scheduled appointment, we send automatic reminders to both you and the professional.

3. We are by your side from beginning to end to make everything right

We are constantly developing new technological tools that ensure direct communication with the professional as our goal is always to communicate quickly and without delay.

In addition, to ensure the quality of the service, we monitor the progress of your work from start to finish, while the Support Team of the platform is by your side to provide immediate support and advice until your work is successfully completed.

4. We support you even if your work is not done as agreed

With your complete satisfaction in mind, our professionals undertake your work with responsibility and consistency. In the rare event that something goes wrong, we will contact the professional and together we will find the best possible solution to your issue as part of our mediation role.