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Carpet Cleaning

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Vera R.

Great service. Was quick and efficient and most important got the stains out of the carpet that I couldn’t.

For: Denis Kelly
Therese W.

Denis is very nice and in the business a long time. Great communication and easy to deal with. Recommend 👍

For: Denis Kelly
Dee ?.

Denis arrived very punctual, throughly cleaned the carpet on the stairs, very pleased with the end result too. I will use “my pro” again when looking for maintenance jobs that I …

For: Denis Kelly
Aine R.

Denis is amazing at his job, my couches and carpets came up like new. He is such a genuine and lovely person. Hes absolutely brilliant at what he does. I'm over the moon with the …

For: Denis Kelly
Grainne I.

A really pleasant man Carpet and rugwere

For: Denis Kelly

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us For a Quote!

YourPro offers not only the best carpet cleaning services as well as other related cleaning services. You won’t regret it if you hire a carpet cleaner via YourPro because YourPro knows the answer to your ‘’carpet cleaning near me’’ query.

Contact us for a quote, and YourPro will tailor the offer to your needs.

Is There Customer Support at YourPro?

Yes, there is. It’s available 24/7. Since YourPro takes care of its customers, you can contact YourPro Customer Support anytime regarding all issues related to YourPro service.

How Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Experts ?

Having a carpet makes every room a more lively and warm place. However, to maintain such a notion of a room, every carpet requires regular cleaning. Not just for the rug itself but for your health as well.

Regardless of material, every carpet is a perfect hide-out place for bacteria, dust, allergens and airborne pollutants. This all disappears with regular carpet cleaning. Also, your room looks fresh and new since the air quality has improved. Having a carpet makes every room a more lively and warm place. However, to maintain such a notion of a room, every carpet requires regular cleaning. Not just for the rug itself but for your health as well.

What if the Service is Late for the Appointment?

This shouldn't be the case because YourPro takes care of that properly. YourPro will send automatic reminders to both you as a customer and to the service with whom you have an appointment so that you both don’t miss your scheduled appointment.

What is an Estimated Timeframe for the Completion of the Service?

An estimated timeframe for the completion of the carpet cleaning service depends on the number of carpets you want to have professionally cleaned. Extensive cleaning can take between a few hours to more than a day. While booking a service, you will get information on how long it will take.

What are the Types of Carpet Cleaning Services at YourPro?

YourPro is there for you regardless of the number of carpets and rags you want to clean, their sizes, and their materials. Carpet cleaning services will do for you:
  • Cleaning
  • Storage
  • Fluff Removal
  • Fringe Replacement
  • Fitting the Carpet

How Much Does a Carpet Cleaning Service Cost?

The service provider sets the cost of carpet cleaning services, and it depends on the size of your carpet, its material, and whether you choose some additional services. Everything is transparent, and there are no hidden fees at YourPro. On average, you can expect to pay between €30 – €60 per room or €30 – €70 per hour, depending on the service requested.

Why Should I Hire a Carpet Cleaner Expert at YourPro?

Hiring a carpet cleaner expert saves you time, and you don’t have to worry whether you’ll ruin your carpets. They handle any carpet with care while also considering the carpet's material.

One of the reasons is that they use professional carpet cleaning and drying machines. If you don’t have enough room to wash it outside and leave it outdoors to dry up (watch out for rain), your carpet will be quickly ruined.

What Type of Service Are There for Carpets?

Besides carpet cleaning, at YourPro, you will find services offering storage for carpets, any repair your carpet needs, and carpet fitting and replacement. Also, you can find services for fringe replacement and fluff removal.

How Can I Find a Carpet Cleaning Near Me?

With YourPro, you don’t have to worry about that. During booking a service, after providing us with your address, YourPro will enlist all services near you, and then it’s up to you to choose which service you prefer.

Why Choose YourPro Natural Carpet Cleaning Services?

Regular carpet cleaning can be demanding, especially if you don’t have a place to wash your carpets. Improper cleaning can undoubtedly damage your carpet, especially during the drying process. Also, if you don’t have a place to dry the carpet drying, the drying process can cause it to stink. That’s why you should hire a carpet cleaner expert to do it properly.

Contacting YourPro will make this process a lot easier. You won’t need to perform research, such as ‘’carpet cleaning near me’’. Thanks to YourPro technology, you can book a carpet cleaning service according to your needs. Moreover, YourPro does all the paperwork for you and ensures that professionals do all jobs as they should.

How to Hire a Carpet Cleaner at YourPro?

Thanks to our technology, there’s no need to call or email a service. Instead, the service is booked in just a few clicks. For example, as soon as you type ‘’carpet cleaning’’, a dialogue box will appear, and you’ll have some options to choose from until you finish your booking process.

In that dialogue, you will choose carpet, rag and/or upholstery/furniture cleaning, the number of items you wish to have cleaned, when you want them to be cleaned, and provide your address for finding the nearest services.

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