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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Find Construction Services in Dublin?

Yes, YourPro has partnered with a network of builders available to meet all your construction needs, residential or commercial. We pride ourselves on connecting you with tradespeople who carry out successful building projects throughout Dublin. 

Choosing who will undertake the refurbishment of your home or business is a significant decision. Your property is probably your most important asset, and any addition or renovation should increase the value. For this reason, it’s essential to make an informed choice on who will do your building work.

The keys to a successful construction are planning, project management, and execution. YourPro only partners with contractors who have the skill and experience to deliver these three elements to the highest standards. 

We aim to take the stress out of your construction by pairing you with a team of tradespeople who carry out every project with total integrity.


What Types of Construction are there?

A construction expert or a general contractor manages your building project from start to finish. They plan the scope of work, the costs, timeframe, and material requirements of your build if an architect does not specify these. Your contractor will employ subcontractors, purchase materials and tools, and pay suppliers.

A good contractor is an invaluable asset. They are your project manager. Their experience and knowledge ensure the complex facets of construction work in unison.

General contractors specialise in different aspects of construction. They could be foundation pros or walling magicians. It would help if you had a contractor who understands your particular job parameters. YourPro’s technology connects specific contractors to matching construction projects perfectly.


What Type of Services Do YourPro Contractors Offer?

YourPro can provide contractors who carry out all types of construction work, be they small renovations or large room additions. Whether planning a new bathroom or modernising your kitchen, constructing a new garage or adding a children’s bedroom, we have the details of several skilled artisans who can help make your plan a reality.

We can provide contractors to work on houses, flats, luxury apartments, offices and business premises. They are experienced artisans who give every project the attention to detail required to make it a success. From sizable new house builds to basement refurbishments, our contractors have the skills to deliver your vision. We partner with highly skilled versatile contractors, so whatever improvements you are planning, let us connect you with the service providers you need.  

 Our services include:

  • Renovations and refurbishments
  • Home or office extensions
  • Roofing
  • Flooring and tiling
  • Kitchen and bathrooms
  • Plumbing and gas
  • Electrical work

How Does YourPro Manage Projects?

A construction project usually requires different skill sets. A new bathroom, for example, includes layout and design, fitting of appliances, flooring and tiling, and plumbing. Building an additional bedroom or new garage will require a general contractor who brings in specialist subcontractors to carry out the variety of tasks a substantial project entails.

All projects begin with a consultation. Our construction contractor starts with a site visit to thoroughly assess the scope of the work. The individual surveys the site to identify any hidden issues that can impact the project. Once the scale of the work is determined, your contractor estimates what's required -  the building materials needed, the necessary subcontractors, and the construction task time frame. Now your contractor can do a complete cost breakdown.


What Is a Detailed Project Plan?

A detailed project plan is fundamental to the smooth running of any construction. It is a map showing you how and when the different phases of your work will be done. The project plan allows you to check that each stage of construction is accurately completed. 

You and your chosen contractor discuss your proposal, and your artisan will survey the site. A full cost programme, a construction plan, a construction program, and a delivery phase plan can now be done.

All project plans have a contingency figure built in. There could be design adjustments, schedule changes, and differing site conditions. An experienced contractor will estimate the time and costs of these events prior to your build beginning.

Your project plan ensures all aspects of the job are transparent from the cost of materials to subcontractor fees. You can now sign an agreement with your contractor and your dream bedroom or new skylight will become a reality.

How Much Does a General Contractor Cost?

Fees vary according to a builder’s skill and experience. The way to judge your contractor's abilities is by reviewing their previous work. Our contractors are proud of the quality of their work. They are pleased to show you completed projects similar to your job specifications and to give you references. YourPro assists with this by properly vetting all our builders efore we partner with them.

Construction is a serious investment. When deciding who to trust with your investment, the most important principle is: never compromise on quality. Your contractor must use the appropriate tools and materials. A good contractor provides excellent workmanship within your budget.

A general contractor runs most construction projects. You can expect to pay around €20 per hour for a skilled general contractor. You can also employ your contractor with a cost agreement. This agreement can be a fixed price for the whole project or a time and materials agreement, where the contractor bills per hour and puts a markup on the materials and any subcontractors fees. Consulting with a tradesperson provided by YourPro will help you understand which contract best fits your needs.

Do YourPro Contractors Supply Their Own Tools?

Yes, they do. For most small refurbishments your contractor will carry a quality set of tools. Even a small renovation, however, can have elements that need a skilled subcontractor with specialist equipment. For example your project manager can hire electricians, plumbers, painters, or carpenters. Each of these has the necessary equipment to carry out their work. The cost of  their equipment is included in the subcontractors' fees, and agreed beforehand.


How Does YourPro Manage The Construction Site?

Construction is disruptive, safety controls and good site management keep disruptions to a minimum. 

All building sites, from the bathroom you are renovating, to the area your new garage will be built on, have safety requirements that protect you, your family, and the construction workers.

A small renovation requires all workers to have safety gear, gloves, goggles, and protective footwear. The area should be demarcated and access controlled. You don’t want your children being able to wander into the area. At the end of each working day the site should be cleaned, and any dangerous items like broken glass or nails removed. 

A room addition will need added safety and preparation. Your contractor will obtain the relevant permits and fix them visibly on your property. You want your neighbors and any safety officials to know your construction is officially approved. 

A temporary perimeter fence erected around the foundation area controls access, giving protection and separating the site from the rest of your house. 


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