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Frequently Asked Questions

Does YourPro Have Contractors that Build House Extensions in Dublin?

Yes! At YourPro, we have only the most experienced and top-rated contractors in Dublin for you to hire for your house extension project.

 Whether you live on the north or south side of the vast Liffey River. The trendy neighborhood of City Centre South, the exclusive community of Ballsbridge, or even if you prefer the quieter neighborhood of Rathgar, we at YourPro have you covered anywhere in the city of Dublin.

What are the Steps I Need to Take When Building a House Extension in Dublin?

There are several steps you need to take when proceeding with a house extension project. Our tradespeople are here to help guide you through each step of the process. Once you know what type of home extension you want to build, one or more of our contractors will be in touch to set up an appointment. Here is a general list of steps that you need to take to make the dream of your house extension a reality.

  • First, an engineer will visit your property to assess whether the home extension you want to build is possible.
  • When the engineer has determined that, we then map your property out, the house extension builders will provide you with your free cost estimate.
  • You choose the right service provider that best suits your budget, time, and needs.
  • Our house extension contractors will ensure that they get all the proper planning permissions.
  • Our contractors will consult with you and their suppliers to get the materials needed to build your home extension.
  • The job, supervised by an engineer and regular inspections, will ensure the work meets all codes.
  • We will complete the home extension job within the agreed-upon timeframe and give you our “Job Satisfaction Guarantee.”

 In the end, you get the extra square metres you desire and the home extension that fits your budget and your needs.

What Kind of Health and Safety Measures Do YourPro House Extension Contractors Have in Place?

Our client’s health and safety are our top priority – as are the health and safety of our contractors. At YourPro, we go to great lengths to ensure that our home extension service providers come with years of experience and stellar reputations. They all go through rigorous vetting before becoming part of our team. We give you peace of mind with who you let into your home.

What are the Options to Keep my House Extension Cost Budget-Friendly in Dublin?

Whether you convert your attic space, add a front or back porch, or convert your existing garage, there are several options that you can do to gain extra square metres in your home without the enormous overhead costs. Our builders will go above and beyond to build the home extension best suited to your budget and needs.

For example, you would like to add a front porch to your home, giving you a front entrance leading into your living room. They are relatively easy to build and install and require almost no planning permissions to build. They generally make these house extensions with bricks, glass windows, and a door, giving you extra square metres for minimal euros. A project of this nature is typically estimated to cost €1000 - €3900  depending on the size requested. 

Another budget-friendly option that our home extension contractors could complete for you is a garage conversion. Garages have become more redundant over recent years, with homeowners choosing to use them for storage, leaving their cars outside, or having forgone a vehicle and instead use public transit. 

In either case, you have square metres in your garage that you can convert into usable living space with minimal construction and cost. Depending on the scope of the job, this type of project costs in the range of €2000 - €20000

When Building a Home Extension, What are the More Popular Uses for the Extra Space in Dublin?

Let your imagination fill with the possibilities of what the additional square metres will mean to you, your family, and the overall value of your home. Here is a list of some of the more popular ideas for a house extension to your dwelling:

  • A Front or Back Porch, Closed in or Open
  • A Wrap Around Extension, Adding Extra Square Metres to Your Entire Ground Floor
  • A Side Extension
  • A Rear Extension
  • A Garage Conversion
  • A Second Story Extension
  • A Master Bedroom and Bath
  • A New Updated Kitchen 
  • And So Many More

With so many possibilities and a variety of budgetary options available, booking one of our contractors will ensure that whatever your dream house extension in Dublin will be, our builders will make it happen

How Do I Know If I Should Build My House Extension Up or Out?

Building your house extension either up or out is a decision our contractors can assist you with. In Dublin, most dwellings will allow a rear extension without planning permissions. Homeowners may also build up to 40 square metres at the front without planning permissions. However, planning permissions are necessary if your home extension dream is to add a side extension or second story.

You will also have to consider what must be done to bring the rest of your house up to code to support your home extension, which would be an added cost and project our skilled house extension builders can take care of for you.

The time frame in which you want to have your house extension completed is also something to take into consideration. It can take anywhere from three to five months for a single-story home extension. Still, a second story extension could take up to nine months to complete, and you also need to consider that you will need to live elsewhere during your home extension project.

There are many decisions to be made when deciding on what you want for your house extension. And our builders will be there for you every step of the way!

Will the Interior of my Residence be Exposed to the Elements During my Home Expansion Project?

Our contractors will do the utmost to ensure that the interior of your home does not damage while creating the extension of your dreams. With the use of plywood and weatherproof tarps, we will protect your home from exposure to the elements.

Scheduling the  house extension, you want to build on to your home during prime construction season is best, as the winters in Dublin are bitter and wet.

You should also plan to live somewhere else while the construction of your house extension is underway. It will help avoid the added stress of living in a space that is also a construction zone. You also may have no choice but to live elsewhere, depending on what type of extension you will build. You may not have power or running water to your home while work is being done.

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