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Nicole O.

Edii was brilliant. Friendly, prompt, knowledgeable. Would 100% recommend and will be contacting him for any further jobs, if he's interested 😊

For: Edijs Erins
Orlagh M.

Eddie was very good hos work is excellent...and reliability & punctuality excellent.. edfie is s very nice pleasant guy.. work very efficient. I have no hesitation recommenda…

For: Edijs Erins
Sarah R.

Excellent service- would highly recommend Sebastián.

For: Sebastien Le Corff
Alex M.

Excellent punctuality. Tradesman very courteous and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend.

For: Sebastien Le Corff
Brian P.

Seb either arrived at agreed time, or called us to advise delay and new eta every day. He called prior to commencing work and spent considerable time personally sizing up the ele…

For: Sebastien Le Corff

Work completed to a high stnsdard

For: Ian Stanbridge

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Definition of a Handyman?

A Handyman can be defined as a person who is skilled at household repair work, maintenance and minor renovations. 


What Should Be Considered When Hiring a Handyman in Dublin?

Always do your research. Find out details such as the average price rates in your area, reviews and testimonials from previous customers, portfolios of recent work projects,  their experience in the specific work required, their relevant license numbers, and the average timeline for the type of work you require.

Ensure there is no miscommunication regarding the project’s timeline. Delays in the task will usually result in higher costs. The work required should be outlined, including materials needed, before any agreements are signed and deposits paid.

Find out whether the project requires a permit. Your local council will be able to advise you accordingly. Some handymen will offer to obtain the necessary permits for you, but this will be at an extra cost.

The payment procedure should be established before the work begins. Do not pay for the entire project before it is completed. You may be required to pay a deposit, although it should raise alarm bells if you are asked to pay for all the costs before completion. 

Always ensure that your handyman has the necessary insurance in case of any unforeseen disasters during the project’s completion. Without insurance cover, you may find yourself with a much larger bill than you anticipated. 

Follow up on references the handyman has given you to obtain a more detailed picture of what to expect. 

The handyman with the cheapest rates is not necessarily the best option. You may be saving a few euros now, but you may have to cough up even more than you thought in the long run if the project is completed poorly.



What Are the Most Common Services That Dublin Handymen Companies Provide Via the YourPro Platform?

Handyman businesses offer a vast array of services across a few different sectors. Here is a comprehensive list comprising of the majority of their services:




Bed frames

Carpentry - building, construction, installation

Crown molding

Shelving & bookcases

Cabinets & mantels


Flooring, vanities, cabinets, doors, countertops, toilets, baths, faucets, flooring, handrails, stairs, gutters, lighting fixtures, smoke alarms, light switches, ceiling fans, t.V. Wall mount, blackboard, basketball hoop, windows, awnings


Attic - storage, drywall, flooring

Bathroom - tiles, toilet, faucets, shower door, drywall

Garage - storage, doors, windows, flooring

Kitchen - cabinets, countertops, backsplash

Outdoors - deck, patio, fencing, gutter, power washing


Crown molding, decks, doors,

furniture, ceilings, walls


All rooms of the house



For the elderly/disabled

Plumbing - replace, repair, insulate and install

Faucets, sinks, pipes, toilets, minor leaks

How Do I Determine Which Handyman Business Is the Best Choice?

It is always a good idea to read a professional handyman business’s testimonials and business reviews before making your choice. A well-established business with several years under its belt might be another clue of overall quality. The proposed length to complete the project and the rate per hour are also determining factors. Ensure that your chosen professional handyman is insured in order to avoid additional unforeseen costs.

At YourPro all of our Handymen go through a strict vetting process to ensure they are qualified, professional and experienced enough to handle any project.


What Is the Difference Between a Handyman and a Licensed Contractor?

A handyman is able to complete general house-related tasks. A licensed contractor has accredited knowledge in a specific area, e.g., A licensed electrician will be able to rewire your circuit breaker, while a handyman can install a light fixture.


How Much Should I Budget for a Handyman Project?

Although prices tend to vary, here is an example of average prices quoted for specific handyman jobs. The prices depicted include labour and materials but excluded VAT.


Job Details

Price quoted

Price range

Length of time

Install curtain rod and hang curtains. (Curtains and rods supplied by customers).


€25 - €50

1 - 2 hours

Hanging two large  pictures and one large mirror on the walls


€25 - €50

1 - 2 hours

Install eight shelves, two metres in length, in an alcove on the wall.


€170 - €260

4 - 8 hours

Assemble a flat-pack double wardrobe and a chest of five drawers


€60 -  €120

2 - 4 hours

Paint wooden skirting boards and door frame in a 4.5m x 4.5m room (includes preparing the wood)


€75 - €150

3 - 5 hours

What Do Handymen Charge Per Hour in the Dublin Area?

The average base hourly rate for handyman services is €15.58. A handyman can charge a basic rate for a project that involves no specialist skills and only basic tools. This rate is on average €10 per hour. Projects that require more specialized skills and some tools average €15 per hour. If professional skills and specific tools are needed for a project, handymen charge an average rate of €35 per hour. Some handyman businesses will charge per hour, while others prefer to quote a fixed price for a project

The rates charged will also depend on whether the Handyman has to source and bring all the required material, or if you will be supplying this. Handymen tend to have connections in the industry which means they know where to get quality materials at the best prices.

At YourPro we provide professional Handymen in the Dublin area at affordable prices. Ensuring that you get the quality maintenance and repair work you need at a price to suit your budget. 


What Are the Most Important Questions to Ask a Handyman?

To make an informed decision, be sure to include these essential questions when interviewing a potential handyman:

  • How many years have you been in the handyman business?
  • Can I review photos of your work portfolio?
  • What type of experience do you have with this specific handyman project?
  • Can you send me references of people you have worked with in the Dublin area?
  • What is your preferred form of communication (text, email, phone call)?
  • Do you supply free quotes?
  • What would the proposed completion time be?
  • Can you provide a complete breakdown of your price?
  • Do you charge by the hour, or is it a fixed amount?
  • What costs are not included in the quote?
  • Do you require a deposit?
  • Are you insured?

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Handyman?

Hiring a handyman will usually save you time in the long run. They are experts who will come prepared with the correct tools, materials, and skills to complete the job efficiently. 

Attempting a DIY task without the necessary knowledge and skills usually guarantees a stressful experience for all family members. By choosing a handyman to complete a project, you are choosing to be stress-free. 

Even though you are spending money when hiring a professional handyman, there is a real possibility that you will end up spending even more if you attempt the DIY project yourself. Many handyman businesses have special rates with wholesalers. This can help to keep costs within your budget.

Handyman businesses can often work on more than one task at a time, shortening the length of the overall project. This is especially beneficial if you are being charged an hourly rate. 

When using one of our Handymen, you receive the YourPro Guarantee, which means that if you are not 100% satisfied with the job, or if the Handymen didn’t complete the job, you can claim back. Make sure to check the job contract to see what the requirements are for claiming back.

What Are the Most Common Business Hours of Handyman Businesses in Dublin?

The business hours of Handymen tend to vary. Most of the handyman businesses are either open Monday to Saturday, or they offer 24-hour services. Handyman services will probably prove to be more costly on a Sunday or out of regular working hours.

If you need a Handyman right now, you can complete the form on the YourPro website and let us know that you need one urgently. We will provide a list of available Handymen to fix your problem.


How Do I Book With a Handyman Business in Dublin via the YourPro Platform?

Booking a handyman business using the YourPro platform is simple. Once you have selected the service you require, choose the appropriate date, time, and area. 

YourPro will provide you with possible matches to meet your requirements. It is then up to you to contact the handyman you wish to hire.


Which Areas Does the YourPro Platform Cover in Dublin for Handyman Businesses?

The YourPro platform can provide you with a choice of handymen that are located across all of Dublin. 


Top-rated tradespeople

Our tradespeople are rated based on quality, reliability, and price.

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North Dublin Urban

My name is Sebastien, and I am the owner of Seb Cares, which provides professional Handymen for any housework. No job is too smal…

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South City

Handymen from Handyman Dublin are experienced, professional and friendly. We specialize in small jobs around the house - painting…


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