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Oven Repair Near Me

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Chloe C.

tradesperson!! Immediate service and repair of the damage. Polite and understanding. The pricing of his work was reasonable.

For: Advance Appliance Services
Catriona C.

Very good tradesperson, knowledgeable of his work, specific and effective!

For: At Your Service
Nicola M.

The tradesperson who repaired my oven was polite, fast, and good at his job. I highly recomend him!

For: ServizMagic
Stacey A.

Very fast and organized, he finished the task very fast but without rushing it out!

For: McGuigan Repairs
Melissa M.

He contact us immediately and fixed the problem in no time. Polite and tradesperson.

For: A.W. Repair Service
Donnacha C.

Consistent, good in his job and he did a very neat work.

For: Rathfarnham Appliance Repairs
Susan C.

Immediate response! He was also polite and he tried a lot to get the best possible result!

For: Driscolls Repairs & Service
Charlene M.

Excellent tradesperson with knowledge, consistency, courtesy, speed in performing the work and respect for the devices he will install - connect. Highly recommended!!!

For: The Hoover Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of Purchasing a New One is oven repair worth it ?

Repairing your oven should always be the initial choice until the costs of the oven repair service exceed what the oven is ultimately worth. If your oven keeps letting you down and you forever need a repair service, it might be an indication that your oven is no longer worth the trouble. Costs can escalate quickly if you are continually paying for repairs and replacing necessary parts. 

What Should Be Considered When Hiring an Oven Repair Service in Dublin?

At YourPro we provide you with the best and most experienced technicians to help solve your problems. We do all the vetting for you so that you can rest assured you’re working with only the best available service providers. 

What Are the Most Common Problems That Dublin Oven Repair Companies Can Rectify Via the YourPro Platform?

Common oven problems and emergencies can include a faulty fan, heating issues (e.g. not maintaining heat or overheating), oven switches, and a faulty grill. Our oven technicians are well trained and experienced in solving all of these issues, and more. Rest assured, your oven is in good hands.


What Is an Oven’s Usual Life Expectancy?

An electric oven has an average life expectancy of 13 years, and a gas oven can usually last up to 15 years. However, this is an estimate and it will wear out quicker if you use the appliance more often. Using an oven daily will cut its life expectancy, while only using it a few times a week or less should prolong an oven’s life expectancy. The make of the oven can also play a role in its longevity. 

What Are the Possible Signs That an Oven Needs Repair or Part Replacement?

  • When your meals taste undercooked or overcooked, it is an indication that your heating elements are faulty, which results in poorly cooked food. 
  • If the pilot light in your gas oven isn’t lighting, gas could cause a leak in your home, resulting in what could be a potentially dangerous situation. Issues with your pilot light should always be dealt with immediately. 
  • If your countertops appear scorched or burnt, this indicates that your oven is unable to hold its heat and items close to the oven can scorch. Uneven heat distribution within the oven can also result in poorly cooked food. This can indicate a worn seal or a faulty cooling fan.

What Is the Difference Between a Gas Oven, an Electric Oven, and a Dual-Fuel Oven?

Preferred by many chefs due to its speed and additional control, a gas oven operates on natural gas with a naked flame on the hob.

Electricity heats an electric oven. It takes more time to heat up, resulting in less initial control of the cooking temperature. However, there is no naked flame or the danger of any potential gas leaks.

A dual-fuel oven is a combination of an electric oven and a gas hob. Many of the ovens are a popular choice, including an LPG conversion kit that enables the use of gas bottles.

How Does a Technician Install a Gas Oven?

The oven technician will do a visual inspection to determine the suitability of the area. A gas tightness test will be done from the gas meter. The pipework will also be checked to determine if it is a suitable connection for the oven. The technician will ensure that the installation complies with IS813 regulations. After the oven has been installed, the technician will re-check the gas tightness from the meter. The oven will be ignited to check its performance levels. A CO room test will be performed. A carbon monoxide detector will also be installed as an additional safety device.

What Are the Key Criteria to Consider When Purchasing an Oven?

  • Space: If you prepare large meals regularly, it might be a good idea to choose a larger oven to cook multiple dishes at the same time. If you cook occasionally, a more compact oven might be the better choice.
  • Grills: If your oven includes a grill, you will have more options when cooking.
  • Fan: If an oven includes a fan, your food will cook more evenly due to the circulation of warm air. 
  • Self-cleaning: If you choose a pyrolytic oven, the high-temperature setting helps burn all the grease and residue to ash. This can be wiped away after the oven has cooled down. Although more costly, this feature will help to reduce your cleaning time.

What Is the Average Cost for Oven Repair in the Dublin Area?

The costs for oven repair services usually range from €60 - €120, depending on your chosen provider, the brand of oven, and the type of services your oven requires.   


What Are the Advantages of Hiring an Oven Repair Technician?

Instead of attempting your DIY project to fix your faulty appliance, hiring a technician will probably save you money in the long run. Trying to fix the oven yourself may result in further damage to the appliance. A technician will have the appropriate knowledge and skills to give you an expert opinion. An experienced technician with years of work behind them should also prove to be advantageous as they would likely be able to get the job done a lot faster. 

What Are the Most Common Business Hours of Oven Repair Services in Dublin?

Most oven repair businesses in the Dublin area are open six days a week, Monday to Saturday, although some companies are closed on the weekends. Most oven repair businesses are available until 6 pm, but a few businesses provide services until 9 pm. 

When you complete the form on our website you can specify a time and date that suits you and we will provide you with a list of technicians who can assist you.

Which Areas Does the YourPro Platform Cover in Dublin for Oven Repair Businesses?

The YourPro platform can offer you a list of oven repair services located throughout the Dublin area.

Do YouPro technicians Cover Stove Installations?

Yes! Gas or no gas oven installations are easier said that done. This is why we provide you with the best professionals to do the hard work for you. Jusy go to our website where you will specify a time and date that suits you and we will provide you with a list of technicians who can assist you.