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Frequently Asked Questions

What Kinds of Paving Do YourPro technicians Offer?

There are different kinds of paving available depending on the project you have in mind. Paving can be divided into four main categories. These categories are divided into the following respectively:

  • Driveway paving
  • Garden paving
  • Patio and pool decking
  • Commercial paving/ Industrial paving

What Types of Paving Material Is Available?

Paving does not just come in one form. There are different types of paving as well as other paving materials used. We work with you to find the best paving stone for you and your project. We have an array of paving stones to choose from.

  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Sandstone
  • Porcelain
  • Concrete

Paving your selected area does not have to be boring. There are also different types of paving designs to choose from. Each of these materials is amazing, and you could always speak to your paving contractor to find the best suited for your area of choice.

  • Paving slabs
  • Paving blocks
  • Cobbles/setts
  • Circles

Why Should I Choose YourPro to Handle My Paving Job?

We understand that trusting us with a job like paving, which affects the actual aesthetic of your home, may be a huge ask. We are sure that you have heard of the horror stories that come with bad paving contractors and projects.

That's why here at YourPro, we offer quality jobs done by expert paving contractors. We also provide verified reviews given by previous customers. We understand that reviews play an essential role in the deciding factor of customers. That is the reason why we have them there.

We are also as transparent as possible. We keep you in the know of the progress of your paving job. You will never feel left out, from the ordering of your materials to the progress of your work. We will always do our best to be open and honest with you.

We also offer an array of paving contractors which you can choose from. Having the option to choose is very important to us, and that's why we suggest a few paving contractors when you complete the online form. This option also means that finding your required expert is only a click away. We also offer the opportunity for our clients to speak to their paving contractors beforehand to get a better understanding and personal service.

What Will the Cost of Paving Be?

Here at YourPro, we understand the importance of working on a budget and receiving a quote that you can work with. That is the reason why we give you an estimate beforehand. The typical estimated cost of paving would be between €100 to roundabout €570, depending on the scope of the job, materials chosen and size of the area that needs to be paved.

Do I Provide My Materials During Construction?

Here at YourPro, we understand the importance of having a team of experts willing to work with you. One of the essential parts of constructing something of this nature is materials. Fortunately, our paving contractors do come with their own materials, however if you have your own materials, you can let us know and we can use those.

The only thing you would need to worry about is payment. We take the hard out of hard work and deliver services at your convenience. We are here to make the entire process as stress-free as possible.

We have verified reviews and work on being as transparent as possible with you. We offer the highest quality jobs and try our best to ensure that you are happy with our work and paving contractors.

How Does Billing Work, and Do I Pay for Everything?

Here at YourPro, our job is to provide paving contractors who can handle your paving tasks, paving projects as well as your paving contractor services in Dublin. All the renting of equipment, purchasing of materials and other expenses inquired are paid for by the client.

However, during the process of speaking to an expert, you will receive a quote. This will give you all the information you need and help you to gauge how much everything will be and if this paving project is within your budget.

We offer a comprehensive estimate to avoid any surprises. In this way, we are also open and honest with you from start to finish. We also have a long list of paving contractors who can assist you, so shopping around isn't an issue.

Which Areas Do YourPro Paving Contractors Cover?

Finding a paving contractor can be difficult, especially within your location. One of the problems we face when looking for services is, linking schedules and finding the right expert in your area who can help you. Some paving contractors may not cover your area, and this is one of the worst news you could receive when you have a specific time frame in mind.

That's where we come in and make things easy for you. Some of our areas include residential areas within the northern and southern suburbs of Dublin. Some places in the southern suburbs include Ranelagh, Rathmines and Rathgar and the north regions including Glasnevin, Drumcondra, and Clontarf.

Upon completing our online service request form, we will provide you with recommended paving contractors who can assist with your project in your area.

How Do I Contact YourPro If I Have a Problem with my Paving Job?

We have our chat option, which is available on Facebook as well as our online platform. You can also fill out a form on our website specifying your details to give you a response or a ring. We typically respond within 24 hours to ensure that all queries, questions, and other information needed are answered. If your enquiry is urgent, then you can give us a call on our landline. All these options have designated working hours, and we try our best to respond as quickly as possible.

What Are the Working Hours of Paving Contractors?

To provide the quickest service, our paving contractors do not have designated working hours. We understand that some of the clientele is part of the working class and is normally accessible at odd hours of the day or night. For this reason, our paving contractors work all hours of the day, depending on who is available at the time. 

You will find the number of available paving experts on the left-hand side of the screen, just above that number is also the estimated cost of your current project as specified on our form. 

How Much Will a Consultation Be?

Here at YourPro, we understand that you, as customers, may want an evaluation as well as an estimate. You could need enough time to save to get your paving done. We understand these factors, and that is why we provide obligation free consultations meaning you do not have to pay for an evaluation.

This is just one of the ways we help with making the process easier and less stressful. We understand that having your paving is a priority which you would want to be done well. You, as the customer, need to work with paving contractors who make life easier for you.This is where we come and help.

We have certified reviews and promote job transparency. Our paving contractors will not leave until you are delighted with their work. Please look at our website and find the expert that is best suited for you, your lifestyle and the job at hand. We can't wait to hear from you.

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