Deep Retrofit & Vacant Property Refurbishment

Deep Retrofit & Vacant Property Refurbishment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific grants available for the Vacant Property Refurbishment program?

Yes, the government offers specialized grants under the Vacant Property Refurbishment initiative to incentivize property owners to renovate and reoccupy unused residential spaces. These grants are tailored to cover costs related to making the property energy-efficient and ensuring its structural soundness.

What depth of renovation is covered under a deep retrofit?

Deep retrofit covers comprehensive renovations like advanced wall and roof insulation, high-efficiency heating systems, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, and renewable energy installations like solar panels and heat pumps.

Are businesses and non-profit organizations eligible for the deep retrofit initiative?

Yes, while homeowners and landlords form a significant portion of applicants, commercial entities, including SMEs and non-profit organizations, can also participate in the deep retrofit program to enhance their buildings' energy efficiency.

Why is the government emphasizing the renovation of vacant properties?

Renovating vacant properties aligns with multiple government objectives: addressing housing shortages, revitalizing neighborhoods, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing urban sprawl. By refurbishing these properties, the government can harness existing resources and simultaneously address multiple challenges.

What is meant by a "deep retrofit" in Ireland?

A deep retrofit refers to a significant upgrade of a building's energy performance, bringing it up to a near-zero energy standard. This often involves advanced insulation techniques, efficient heating and ventilation systems, and incorporation of renewable energy solutions to drastically reduce the building's energy consumption and carbon emissions.

How does the Vacant Property Refurbishment program differ from other retrofit initiatives?

The Vacant Property Refurbishment program specifically targets properties that have been left vacant and possibly in a state of disrepair. Its primary goal is to renovate and upgrade these properties to modern energy-efficient standards, making them habitable and reducing the number of unused properties in Ireland.

Why should property owners consider a deep retrofit?

Deep retrofitting not only results in massive energy savings and lowered carbon emissions but can also enhance the overall comfort, health, and value of a property. By bringing a building's energy performance up to a near-zero standard, owners can expect to see a substantial reduction in energy bills and an increase in property value.