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Yvonne C.

Flawless tradespersons! Consistent, fast, and delievered a perfect result. They also fixed a problem I had with my aluminum shutter door.

Jade C.

Immediate communication and service !!

Louise S.

A very good craftsman, I will definitely work with him again, he is an amazing tradesperson !!!!

Ethan W.

An excellent tradesperson! Flawless, polite, fast and efficient. I will be very happy to work with him again!

Kathleen S.

Excellent tradesperson! He responded immediately to my request, he was consistent and fast. We will definitely work together again! Thank you very much!

Jane P.

Consistent, fast, efficient and reasonably priced!

Anna B.

Excellent tradesperson and very kind person !!

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Flawless tradesperson, polite, fast, with attention to detail and with a reasonable price.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will it Cost to Install Shutters in Dublin?

Shutter installation costs will depend on various factors. These factors include the choice of shutter installation company, type of shutters, scheduled time, window size, and product guarantee or repair rates. 

When using YourPro to find a suitable shutter service, we strive to provide you with a wide variety of shutter companies that cater for different pockets. There are several reasons why shutter installation costs vary. Some shutter materials are more expensive than others and vary in quality. Estimated costs range from €20 to €50 per square foot, depending on the specifics of your installation.

So before booking a particular shutter installation technician, you can think about what kind of shutter you're looking for in terms of colour, material, and endurance. However, when communicating with a shutter company, an expert can help you choose the best option to suit your budget and style. 

Which Areas in Dublin Does YourPro Cover for Shutter and Blind Services?

 Our professional shutter services are available all over Dublin. It doesn't matter in which area you’re located. When booking a service, you can enter your location and we’ll suggest shutter companies that work in your area. 

For the best shutter installation or shutter repair services in your area, start your booking process now! 

What Types of Shutters Are Available, and What Are the Key Differences Between the Different Materials?

Shutter companies use several different materials when designing shutters. All shutter material comes with a different set of properties. If you’re unsure which material would be best for a specific room or window, a shutter designer can help you make the right choice. When shopping for shutters, you can expect to see some of the following materials:

  • Aluminium
  • Wood
  • Plastic or PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

Material Differences

All shutter types will provide you with protection, shading and privacy. However, some materials are better or more suitable for specific environments. You’ll also note that some shutters are more expensive than others. Here we list each type and explore the main advantages of each material for shutters:

Aluminium shutters

Aluminium shutters are best for outdoor use. The material is robust and can withstand different weather conditions. These shutters are also great for indoor use, as it offers soundproofing effects. Aluminium can be relatively pricey but is best known for its longevity and high quality. 

Wooden Shutters

If you’re looking for a stylish finish, wooden shutters are the best option. These shutters are weather-resistant, look fantastic, and last longer than most other materials. The only drawback of wooden shutters is the upkeep. These shutters need to be cleaned more often so that the wood doesn’t lose its shine, with upkeep from shutter service companies

Plastic/PVC shutters

Made from synthetic materials, PVC shutters are inexpensive and best known for their insulating properties. These shutters come in a variety of colours and are ideal for indoor use. Plastic shutters are easy to clean and will stay cleaner for longer. 

Here at YourPro, we’ll introduce you to top shutter professionals. They can help you select the best choice for your home and tell you more about the different shutter types and their properties. With just a few simple clicks, we can match you with shutter experts in your area. 

What Kinds of Shutters Exist?

Each shutter offers a different function. When choosing shutters for a specific space, a shutter professional can help you make the best choice, according to the functionality you expect. 

Here are some of the different shutter types available:

  • Bifolia
  • Shutters Rolls
  • Clover
  • Single leaves
  • Folding
  • Sliding inside the wall
  • Four leaves
  • Sliding off the wall
  • Opening

An expert shutter technician can assess the room or space where you want to your shutter instalation. The expert can suggest which types of shutters will best fit the room and offer you various packages according to your desired price range

Which Louvre Size Is Best for Shutters?

There isn’t a specific louvre size that works for every room. When shopping for shutters, consider the size of the window, living space and purpose of the shutter. Most shutter companies offer six louvre sizes ranging from five centimetres to 12cm in width. 

Smaller louvres are ideal for privacy and don’t allow much sunlight to enter the room. If you’re looking for total darkness, choose a solid colour shutter. 

If you want more light in a room, opt for wider louvres. These are perfect for open living areas and give the room an open, more spacious feel. On the downside, larger louvres offer less privacy, so keep this in mind before choosing these types of shutters. 

For a bedroom, you want shutters that offer privacy, block morning light, but also allow enough sun to come in during the day. To cover all these elements, choose a louvre width of five to seven centimetres for your shutters.

Can Shutters Be Designed for Any Window?

Yes, a shutter company can fit shutters to any window, no matter the size or shape. A shutter expert can configure shutters for any type of window. So whether you’re looking for a square-shaped shutter or an arched or curved window, YourPro can help you find the best shutter company for the job. 

Can I Fit Shutters onto a French Door?

Yes, shutters are ideal for french doors. A shutter expert can design shutters according to the size and shape of the door. A shutter designer will also cut the shutter louvres to accommodate door handles and other obstacles. 

How Do I Clean and Maintain My Shutters After Installation?


Although shutters require minimum maintenance, you can keep them looking brand new with cleaning. The method of cleaning shutters will depend on what type of shutter you have installed.

If you have plantation or aluminium shutters, you can remove dust with a vacuum cleaner by gently sweeping the vacuum nozzle over the shutters, once a week. You can also use a duster to remove dust or pick up dirt using a damp microfiber cloth. Avoid strong cleaning chemicals and all-purpose cleaners, as these can stain or damage the shutters.

For wooden shutters, you can apply furniture polish to a dry cloth and shine each louvre separately. Don’t use water to clean wooden shutters, and dust them regularly.


Sometimes the louvres on shutters might move out of position. This can happen because of weather or as a result of opening and closing the shutters regularly. Fortunately, you can fix this problem by yourself. 

If you find that the louvres on your shutters seem loose or out of place, simply tighten the tension screw with a screwdriver. You’ll find the tension screw on the side of a panel. If you require maintenance from a professional shutter service, YourPro can also connect you with shutter repair or maintenance services. 

How Are Shutters Attached to the Window?

In most cases, a shutter installation technician will drill holes into the wall or frame of the area where the shutters will be installed.  

In some older homes, the technician will have to drill into the brick of the wall. With many newer homes, the window area consists of wood and plaster. That means the technician won’t have to penetrate the brickwork. 

After drilling the holes, the shutter installation team will place raw plugs into the holes. Next, the team will attach the shutter frame and ensure it fits well into the widow space.

Do All Shutters Come with a Guarantee?

Most shutters come with a guarantee. Although the average guarantee is between three to five years, some companies offer an extended guarantee of up to 10 years of their shutters

Why Choose a YourPro Shutter Technician to Install Shutters?

YourPro instantly matches you with some of the best shutter services in Dublin. Not only do we offer a variety, but we also focus on bringing forth shutter experts specific to your area.

All our shutter companies are experts in their field. On top of offering a wide range of shutter products, they also specialize in shutter repair, maintenance, and services. The companies also have years of experience and can install shutters on all types of windows.

So, if you’re looking to install shutters for inside, outside, or french doors, trust us to find you the best shutter technician that fits your style, needs, and budget.

Suppose you’re not sure if shutters are the right fit for you. In that case, you can contact one of our trusted shutter services today and learn which is the best option for you

How to Book Shutter Installation With YourPro?

With YourPro, booking a professional shutter installation service is quick and easy. First, you can select a specific service that you require. Next, you can pick a time and date according to your schedule. You also need to specify your location so we can provide you with the best shutter services in the surrounding area.

Once you have provided all the needed information, we’ll show you a list of all the shutter installation experts best fitting to your area and specifications. You can choose a shutter company that you want to work with and contact them directly.