Solar Panels Installation & Service

Solar Panels Installation & Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Estimated Time for the Completion of the Solar Panel Installation in Ireland?

It depends on how many solar panels you have, where you want them installed, and if the weather is fine. If everything goes fine, completing the solar panel installation takes approximately 45 days once you sign your contract.

Why should a I invest in solar panel installation?

Investing in solar panels is an excellent option because your home will get renewable electricity, which means fewer bills to pay every month. Whether you consider installing solar panels in your home,  business, or the public sector, they suit everyone’s needs.

Solar panel installation requires a lot of preparation with lots of measuring and paperwork. Having experts do this for you facilitates the whole process. Also, some services offer solar panel repair and cleaning, which you will need eventually. That’s why at YouPro, you’ll find top-quality professional assistance on our platform.

Why Choose YourPro Solar Panel Installation Services in Ireland?

YourPro offers top-quality services in the whole of Ireland. With just a few clicks, you can book a desired service regarding solar panel installation and further maintenance. Here’s what you can get at YourPro.

How to Obtain and Maintain a Solar Panel Installation?

The main reason you should hire a professional is that they will measure how many panels you’ll need for your home or building, as well as make sure that your solar panels are at optimal performance and that they save energy to the maximum.

Moreover, the solar panel installation process must be secured, especially if you want to place the panels on the roof. Walking on a roof and installing panels isn’t for everyone. Also, since there is a lot of electrical wiring, it is better to leave it for professionals and install a solar inverter, battery and all other necessary equipment.

Professionals responsible for the installation will provide the necessary information on properly maintaining your panels, especially when solar panel cleaning and repair are the time.

What Types of Solar Panels Services are Available with YourPro Professionals?

At YourPro, you will find all services that deal with solar panel installation, regardless if it’s for your home or business. You can expect to find professionals on our database who can provide the following:
  • Solar panel installation
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Solar panel repair
  • Solar panel maintenance

What are the Locations Serviced in Ireland By Qualified Solar Panels Installation Experts?

YourPro has an enormous database of professional services all around Ireland. Your only task is to provide your address and the type of service you want, and YourPro will find the service that suits your needs and budget.

What Type of Solar Panels Work in Ireland?

Some PV solar panels work in low sunlight, and they are perfect for Ireland. Thanks to the photovoltaic effect, they convert sunlight into electricity. The price of these photovoltaic panels is €4,000 upwards.

What is the Estimated Cost of the Solar Panel Installation in Ireland?

The cost depends on how many panels you want to install, the type of panels, how many kW are there in solar panels, and the price for the installation, maintenance and repair. So, it can cost you from €5,000 to €18,000 for houses in Ireland. For €18,000, you’ll get 9kW of solar panels, a power diverter and a battery. However, you’ll need to pay about €1,800 extra for blackout protection.

What Are the Steps Needed to Acquire the Solar Panel Installation?

There are a few steps you need to take. First, you need to type in ‘’solar panel installation’’ in the YourPro search browser, and a dialogue box will appear automatically. You choose one of the offered options and provide YourPro with your address to find the nearest service.

You can choose between maintenance, installation and repair, your solar panels’ capacity in kW, and the time you want for a service to start. After providing YourPro with your address and email, you will soon receive a list of the services and professionals that suit your needs.

Do I Need a Battery for Solar Panels?

No, you don’t. However, they are handy because they store solar energy so you can use the surplus at night. Batteries are a bit pricey, from €1,500-€4,000. Moreover, it’s good to have a battery in areas with frequent power cuts since it serves as some kind of blackout protection.

Do I Need Power Diverters?

Yes, you do. You can have it along with a battery, but having power diverters help you store hot water for later use. It won’t be sufficient for all your warm water needs, but it will reduce the bills.

Are You Ready to Install Solar Panels?

YourPro is there for you to help you with solar panel installation, solar panel cleaning, and solar panel repair service whenever you need it. With a database of more than 300 professional services, YourPro guarantees top-quality service. In case of any issues, we have a Support Team available for customers 24/7.

Don’t wait any longer. Invest in solar panels, lower your electricity bills, and protect Earth. YourPro is waiting for you.