Refund Policy

Our "Money Back Policy" is designed to safeguard you in the unlikely event that your work is either incomplete or not executed as per the agreed terms.

1. We provide a refund in the event of damage or poor workmanship

Keeping your complete satisfaction in focus, our tradespeople diligently handle your tasks. If an issue arises, we promptly engage with the tradesperson to rectify it.

In the rare occurrence of poor workmanship or damage, we offer an immediate refund of up to €10,000 from the total amount you paid.

2. We offer a refund if the job is left incomplete

In the unlikely scenario where our tradesperson receives payment but fails to perform the specified work, we ensure a refund of up to €10,000 from the total amount you paid.
How does the Refund Policy works?
  1. Collect payment receipts and photos of the damage.
  2. Fill out the refund form.
  3. We will promptly contact you to understand the issue and suggest an alternative tradesperson.
  4. If you prefer not to be served by a different tradesperson, we will proceed with a refund, capped at €10,000.

*To get your refund, the Terms & Conditions of YourPro's "Money Back Policy" need to be met.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect after submitting the application?

After reviewing your request, we will connect you with the tradesperson, and initial efforts will be made to resolve the issue before proceeding to the next step. This approach is particularly effective in cases where the initial discrepancy stemmed from a misunderstanding.

If the tradesperson is cooperative and successfully resolves the issue, the possibility of a refund will not be available until the job is completed according to the project specifications.

Should no resolution be achieved through your communication with the tradesperson, and if the tradesperson is deemed at fault (i.e., uncooperative), you will be given the opportunity to be served by a different tradesperson.

If all criteria are met based on the Terms and Conditions, you will be asked to submit (if not already done) additional documentation regarding the problem, such as a private contract, receipts, or payment invoices. Depending on the nature of material damage claims, YourPro may also request a third-party partner to conduct an on-the-spot assessment of the damage or omissions.

The refund amount, as entitled under YourPro's "Money Back Policy, will be paid directly to the tradesperson completing the work. You will be asked to pay the difference resulting in the final cost of the completed work.

In the event that no resolution is found through communication with the tradesperson, and there is no other tradesperson available to serve you, and if we certify that the conditions for YourPro's "Money Back Policy are met, we will promptly notify you upon approval of the refund request. We will then request your bank account details for the transfer of the corresponding amount, and you should expect to receive the payment within 30 days of the approval of your request.

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How do I get in touch with YourPro's Customer Experience Team?

If you have questions regarding the Terms and Conditions of the YYourPro's "Money Back Policy, please reach out to YourPro's Customer Experience Team at [email protected]. Registered customers experiencing issues with a YourPro's tradesperson can submit a request by filling out this form.
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What documents are required for the refund process?

In the rare and unfortunate event that an issue arises, and you wish to request a refund under YourPro's "Money Back Policy", we require the following information:

  • Private contracts, documents, or any other proof related to the implementation of the employment contract.
  • Invoices and proof of payments/deposits.
  • Photos illustrating the damage.
  • Evidence of communication with the tradesperson.
  • Damage assessments or related information.
  • Details on how the problem occurred.
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What is excluded from coverage under the Refund Policy?

Refunds under YourPro's "Money Back Policy" are subject to limitations, and it is crucial to thoroughly review the Terms and Conditions. The refund policy is specifically designed to address situations where a tradesperson, referred by YourPro, significantly deviates from the agreed-upon scope of work.

It's important to note that YourPro's "Money Back Policy" does not cover material damage to your property that falls outside the agreed and declared scope of work on YourPro. This exclusion applies even if the damage is caused by the tradesperson during the course of a project.

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What is the typical duration of the refund process?

The duration of the refund process varies depending on several factors, including:

  • The complexity of the damage or issue.
  • The prompt response of YourPro's tradesperson.
  • The completeness of the documentation you provide, such as contracts, receipts, and photos.

While our aim is to resolve even the most intricate issues within 30 days, it's important to note that this may not always be feasible.

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What are the key terms and conditions governing the refund process?

To be eligible for a refund, ensure the fulfillment of the following basic conditions:

  1. You are over 18 years old.
  2. You are a registered user of
  3. The job request was made through
  4. Your request does not pertain to specific jobs outlined in detail in the Terms and Conditions.
  5. The tradesperson hired was suggested by and was active on the platform when the work commenced.
  6. You have hired the tradesperson and completed the following on your dashboard:
    • Indicated the work started within 48 hours.
    • Provided the final cost of the work, addressing any platform queries regarding costs (e.g., including materials).
    • Completed the checklist on before submitting your refund request.
  7. You possess a job contract, private contract, or a document illustrating the terms of your agreement with the tradesperson.
  8. You have official proof of payment, invoices, or official transaction documentation with the tradesperson for the specific job.
  9. The tradesperson was hired within 90 days of submitting your request.
  10. You identified the problem and notified us within 30 days of job completion.
  11. The problem is a direct result of the work requested on, meaning damages or omissions caused directly by the tradesperson during the job execution, as stated on the platform by the customer through
  12. The damage for which you seek a refund does not exceed the invoiced amount.
  13. Before implementing YourPro's "Money Back Policy", will attempt to resolve any issues directly with the tradesperson.
  14. In the case of property damage, certain types are excluded, such as works of art or damage to electronic files.
  15. If a tradesperson receives payment but fails to perform the agreed work, YourPro's "Money Back Policy" can cover up to €10,000.
  16. If you have already received partial compensation from the  tradesperson for the same issue, you are not entitled to a refund from YourPro.

For more detailed information, refer to the Terms and Conditions of YourPro's "Money Back Policy".

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We commit to supporting you throughout the entire process, ensuring the job is completed to your satisfaction.

However, if any issues arise, we are here to assist you. Should the work be incomplete or not align with the agreed terms, you can submit a refund request, and we will update you on its progress within 3 working days.