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Margaret S.

Very good tradesperson, very good pricing method and very fast repair. Well done.

For: A1 Power Logic
Caitriona C.

Flawless and fast service.

For: Dundrum Service Ctr
Emily D.

He came immediately and solved the problem on the spot!

For: Beaumont Electrical
Maeve C.

Very responsible tradesperson and consistent !!!

For: Allied Appliances
Kate C.

Very kind, kept up to date and repaired the TV in no time !!!

For: Carrick Hoover Centre
Jake B.

Very good tradesperson, fast and perfect service !!!

For: Ned Electric Appliance Repair
Jake C.

Immediate service, very good tradesperson and careful work

For: Naish O'Reilly
Bridget C.

Consistent in his appointment with courtesy, very good tradesperson, thank you very much YourPro

For: Hotpoint Indesit

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types of TV Installation Services Are Available?

From wall-mounting flat-screen TVs to setting up home theater systems, there's a vast array of TV installation services available in Dublin. Many tradespeople on the YourPro platform specialize in these areas, offering efficient and reliable installation that ensures optimal TV viewing experience.

Why Should I Hire a Professional for TV Installation?

Hiring a tradesperson for TV installation ensures the job is done correctly and safely. They are skilled in handling different TV models, wall types, and installation complexities. Plus, they know how to hide unsightly cables, giving your setup a clean, professional look.

What Information Should I Provide When Posting a TV Installation Job?

Provide details about your TV model, the wall material where the TV will be mounted, the preferred height, and if you need cable management. This information helps tradespeople provide accurate quotes and ensures they bring the right equipment for the job.

How Much Does TV Installation Cost?

The cost can vary depending on the complexity of the job and your specific requirements. Typical services include mounting, connecting to devices, and cable management. However, when you post your job on YourPro, you'll receive free quotes from multiple tradespeople to choose the best fit for your budget.

Can a TV Installer Help Me Decide the Best Place to Mount My TV?

Absolutely! Tradespeople can provide valuable advice on the best location for your TV to maximize viewing comfort and reduce glare. They'll consider factors like room layout, light sources, and seating arrangements.

Does the Installer Handle the Necessary Cabling and Connections?

Yes, part of the service often includes handling all the necessary cables and connections. This can involve connecting your TV to power sources, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, home theatres, and ensuring all devices function correctly.

Are the Tradespeople on YourPro Insured?

Yes, all tradespeople on YourPro are required to have appropriate insurance coverage. This protects you and your property during the installation process, providing an extra layer of safety and peace of mind.

What If I Need Additional Services Like Home Theatre Setup?

Many tradespeople on YourPro are skilled in a range of TV and home entertainment services, including home theatre setup. When you post your job, specify any additional services you need. You'll get quotes from tradespeople who can handle your entire project.

Can I Get My TV Installed on the Same Day?

While it's possible depending on the availability of tradespeople, we recommend posting your job on YourPro in advance. This ensures tradespeople can plan their schedules effectively and arrive prepared with all the necessary tools and equipment.

How Can I Prepare for the TV Installation?

Clear the area where your TV will be installed, and make sure there's easy access to power outlets. If possible, be ready to provide the tradesperson with any instruction manuals that came with your TV. The more prepared you are, the smoother the installation process will be.

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