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TV Repair near me

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Caitriona C.

Flawless and fast service.

For: Dundrum Service Ctr
Emily D.

He came immediately and solved the problem on the spot!

For: Beaumont Electrical
Maeve C.

Very responsible tradesperson and consistent !!!

For: Allied Appliances
Jake C.

Immediate service, very good tradesperson and careful work

For: Naish O'Reilly
Jake B.

Very good tradesperson, fast and perfect service !!!

For: Ned Electric Appliance Repair
Bridget C.

Consistent in his appointment with courtesy, very good tradesperson, thank you very much YourPro

For: Hotpoint Indesit
Kate C.

Very kind, kept up to date and repaired the TV in no time !!!

For: Carrick Hoover Centre
Margaret S.

Very good tradesperson, very good pricing method and very fast repair. Well done.

For: A1 Power Logic

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are YourPro TV Installation and Repair Services?

When your TV doesn't switch on or completely stops working, it can be challenging to find a TV repair company that suits your pocket and schedule. Most people like to shop around for reasonable prices and trustworthy services. But, not everyone has the time to make phone calls, request quotes, and research a company's customer satisfaction. 

YourPro is a company that connects you with the best TV repair and installation technicians in Dublin. Whether you need to repair a TV, mount your new plasma screen on the wall, or troubleshoot common issues, we can help you find the best man for the job. 

What TV Services Does YourPro Offer?

YourPro offers a variety repair and tv install  services. We can help you find a technician to repair broken or troublesome TVs. If you purchased a new TV, you could also use YourPro's user-friendly platform to search for TV installation services. 

What Are the Most Common TV Issues?

Several things can be wrong with your TV. Fortunately, we have dealt with a significant amount of problems. Although you don't need to know what is wrong with your TV before requesting a technician, a good description of the issue can help us nail down the best solutions. 

Here are some of the most common TV issues:

  • TV light is on, but the screen shows no picture or sound
  • TV doesn't turn on
  • TV has sound but no visuals
  • The LED light blinks, but the TV won't turn on
  • The TV turns off right after you switch it on
  • TV randomly turns off
  • Buttons on the remote and the side of the TV doesn't work
  • TV has no sound
  • TV inputs are not functioning well
  • TV won't connect with a decoder, DVD player, or sound system
  • TV picture is faint 
  • TV colour looks washed out 
  • Solarized TV colour
  • Blurry picture
  • TV images freeze
  • TV is stuck or won't change function
  • TV has dead pixels
  • The TV screen is cracked
  • TV damaged by lightning or water

Why Trust YourPro Technicians to Repair My TV?

YourPro only works with reputable repair companies. We select TV technicians with years of experience and excellent customer service records. In addition, we link you to technicians in your area. When you fill out the form, we base our results on where you live and your schedule. 

We are firm believers in value for money. We only work with repair companies that offer quality services at reasonable prices. When linking you with a repair service, you can communicate with the technician directly and request a quote. 

What's more, most of our TV services come with a 30-day warranty. If your TV still has issues in the first 30 days after repair, the technician will check out the problem at no additional cost.


How Much Will it Cost to Repair My TV in Dublin?

The cost of your service will depend on the TV brand, type, and issues. If the problem or TV make is unknown, the technician will have to diagnose the issue before giving you an accurate price. 

If you have a well-known TV brand and can describe the problem, there's a good chance the company has dealt with a similar issue before. In that case, the repair person can give you an accurate estimation of how much the charges will be. 

Keep in mind that the estimated quote won't be 100% accurate. You'll only receive an actual quote once the technician has diagnosed the problem with your TV directly. 

How Soon Can I Have My TV Repaired?

We understand how frustrating it can be to live without a TV. Therefore we offer the fastest service possible. When filling out the YourPro form, you can select a TV repair time frame. If you're in a hurry, we'll connect you with the fastest technician available. 

Generally, a technician can help you within one to four days after making contact. The time it takes for repairs depends on the problem. In some cases, a technician will fix your TV within a few hours. However, some TVs might require parts or more intensive repairs, which can take longer than four days. 

Does YourPro Offer TV Repair Services to All Areas in Dublin?

Yes, our services cover all areas in Dublin. Your area doesn't matter, as long as you are in Dublin. When filling out the application form, we'll put you in contact with the most suitable TV repair technician in your area. 

For the best TV repair and installation services in Dublin, fill out an application form today.

What TV Brands Can the YourPro Technicians Repair?

Our technicians can repair almost all brands. When filling out the form, you can tell us what TV brand you have so that we can connect you with a knowledgeable technician. Here are some of the most common TV brands:

  • Samsung 
  • Sony 
  • F&U
  • LG 
  • Philips 
  • Phones 
  • Sharp 
  • Loewe 
  • Firstline 
  • Bluesky
  • Panasonic 
  • Sharp
  • Schaub Lorenz 

Suppose your TV brand doesn't appear on our list. In that case, you can still request a repair service. YourPro will look for a repair company that deals with your TV brand. 


What Types of TVs Do YourPro Technicians Repair?

As technology improves, repairs become more complicated. Fortunately, we can provide you with some of the best TV repair experts in Dublin. Here are some of the TV types we see most often:

  • LED TVs
  • Monitor TV
  • Curved TVs
  • OLED TVs
  • LCD Televisions

For TV installation, we offer a wide selection of TV services at reasonable prices. A TV installation technician can assist you with mounting the TV, advise where to install it and troubleshoot any installation issues.

How Much Does it Cost to Install or Mount a TV?

The installation cost will rely on the labour and difficulty required for mounting or installing the TV. Generally, you can expect to pay a minimum of 25 € (+ VAT) for installation

Can a TV Damaged by Lightning Be Repaired?

Yes. Although rare, lightning can damage your TV. Modern TVs are sensitive to electricity surges that happen during lightning storms. If your TV is unrepairable, a technician will discuss further steps with you. 

If My TV Screen Is Cracked, Is it Better to Replace or Repair the TV?

Although a cracked TV screen is fixable, most technicians might suggest replacing the TV instead. A tv screen replacement is pretty expensive, so it might not be worth repairing, as it can cost as much as a new TV. 

If your TV gives a problem make sure to check if there is a warranty period, and how long it lasts? Most of our technicians offer a warranty after repairing or installing a TV. Although not all repair services offer the same package, you can expect a 30 or 60-day warranty. 


How Should I Choose the Best TV Repair Service?

When it comes to selecting the best TV repair service, there are some factors to consider. These include price, customer satisfaction, quality, location and time. YourPro has already done the hard work so that you don't have to. 

All you need to do is select the service you need, fill out the form and wait for our team to connect you with top TV repair services in Dublin. We consider your area, TV problem and TV type and bring you the best technician in or near your location.