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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose YourPro to Do My Appliance Repairs?

We never truly understand the value of our appliances until they stop working. The truth about machines is that they make our lives easier. They are the true heroes as they save us time and the inconvenience of doing things ourselves. Convenience, that's what we get from our appliances, and this is why when they fail us, we are left utterly shattered. 

This is why here at YourPro, we offer a more straightforward way of finding an appliance repairer. We do our best to ensure that all our repairmen
are skilled and experienced. We understand the importance and comfort of knowing you're working with someone who knows what they are doing. 

In today's modern age, we rely heavily on reviews as they help us make informed decisions. Our website offers verified reviews and ratings to ensure that you choose the best repairman for you. 

Appliances break at some of the most unfavourable times, and financing a repair can be costly. This is why our consultations have a no-commitment policy. This means that you could have a consultation of appliance repairs without the commitment of having to fix your appliance. 

What Are the Working Hours of Appliance Repair?

The worst thing that can happen to you when your appliance fails is finding out that your repairman cannot help you during hours when you are free. It makes the entire process a nightmare, and having to inconvenience others to wait at your home for the repairman may be out of the question. 

We, therefore, offer appliance repairmen who are available when you need them. You may be questioning what that means and what it entails. Simply meaning that you can find an appliance repairman day or night depending on the availability of repairmen at the time and the area in which you stay.

Finding a repairman can be difficult, and that's why we offer repairmen who are experts, hardworking and provide the best possible result. We also render verified reviews for you to make a choice of the best appliance repairs in Dublin that is well informed and most suitable for you.

What Falls Under an Appliance Repair?

We understand the frustration of finding yourself unable to find something when you need it. For this reason, we have grouped all our appliance repairs for you so that you find them easily and quickly. When it comes to appliances, we have the following repairs under this section:

What Is the Importance of Servicing My Appliance?

Having your appliance serviced regularly is essential. For example, let’s take your fridge for example, without fridges we would be lost. If you service your fridge regularly it will ensure that it lasts for much longer. Whereas just leaving your fridge can lead to big problems, such as replacement, down the line.

Like any other piece of technology, an appliance needs to be checked on to ensure that it runs smoothly. Parts wear and tear, and this is a significant contributor to why your appliance is failing you. Having to repair your appliance could be avoided if you service your appliances regularly. Continuously servicing your appliance is a highly overlooked part of appliance care. Appliance care is not just about cleaning your appliance but also making sure that it is in working condition. 

How Do I Find Information on My Appliance Repairman?

Freedom of choice, a lot of the time, we tend to overlook this because we want a quick fix to our problems. However, regarding having someone have access to your home, we tend to be a little more cautious because this is our personal space. With this in mind, we allow our clients to view the profiles of their repairmen before deciding to contact them.

With YourPro, once you’ve completed the online form stating what you need, we will recommend available appliance repair expert who can assist you. Before contacting them, you can view their profile. You get to see verified reviews, how many jobs they have done, and the rating they receive. Viewing the profile of appliance repair experts  who you think would be an excellent fit for you is an integral part of the process. It allows you to see who you will be letting into your space. It also allows you to weigh out your options in who would be the perfect fit for the job. 

When Do I Get to Speak to My Appliance Repairmen?

CCommunication is the key to all things working in harmony with one another. Communication is of great importance to us as we want you to get the best possible experience. We ensure that you can have open and honest communication with your appliance repair expert. 

This is your home and your space, and we respect that. We do not take away the sensitivity of having someone in your home, and that is why we encourage you to communicate with the repairman of your choice. This builds trust, which we want to be between you and the appliance repairman. For this part, please do not be shy, our staff is friendly and ready to answer all the questions you must ensure that the job is executed without problems. 

We enjoy keeping our clients in the know of what is happening as it promotes transparency.

How Do I Contact YourPro With Any Other Questions I May Have About the Appliance Repairs?

We understand that you may have a few other questions which may need answering. For this reason, we have a get in touch section. Clicking on this will lead you to our contact us page, where we have different ways for you to contact us. 

In this section, you will be able to fill out a form where you can leave us a message, and we will get back to you within the space of 24 hours.

If you need an urgent response, you can give us a ring; our number is available for your use. Our working hours are placed right underneath so that you can call us when we're open. 

We also have a chat option available for your use. This will allow you to speak with an agent. For this option, we have two chat options, one being Facebook and the other being able to chat with an agent directly on the website about your appliance repair.


Where Do I Know How Many Appliance Repairs Are Available in My Area?

Finding the number of servicemen available in your area is simple. The more you refine your search, the more you will see that you have several repairmen in the area that changes continuously on the left-hand side of your screen. Under this, you will find the appliance repair experts available, and that is how you know how many servicemen are available. The more you refine your search, the more those numbers will change. 

What Would the Cost of Having My Appliance Fixed Be?

Oranges and apples are not the same, and the cost of fixing your appliance will also not be the same. However, we have estimated prices on our website depending on the problem and your geographic location. 

For example, if we look at the fridge repair section, we see that the estimated cost of repairing our fridge would be €20 and depending on the location, you could be charged €5 for outlying areas of Dublin.

What Locations Do You Cover in Dublin?

One of the stresses that come with repairing your appliances is finding an appliance repairman in Dublin, within your location. We understand the importance of having someone within your area to assist you and handle all your appliance repairs, appliance repair tasks, and appliance projects in your time of need. 

That is why we have experts on call and finding them is just a click away. Service ultimately depends on where you are and if there are any experts within your area. We cover the entire area of Dublin. 

Find out today if there are any appliance repair experts in your area. We are waiting to hear from you.