How can I find the best bathroom tile ideas?

bathroom tile ideas
Renovation of a bathroom is far more than just choosing the right tile types. There are lots of things to reconsider. So, whether you’re just looking for some inspirational ideas, or you’re really determined to renovate your bathroom, we’re here to help you by bringing you some stunning bathroom tile ideas. Also, we’ll discuss why you should hand over the bathroom renovation to tiling experts.

Bathroom Size as an Important Factor 

No matter which style you want to choose for your bathroom, it’s the size of your bathroom that affects all bathroom tiles ideas, i.e. colour, size, shape, and pattern for your new bathroom. Also, we’ll give you tips for creating traditional, vintage styles as well as modern, minimalist ones.

Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Having a small bathroom may seem frustrating, but with proper renovation, it can look stunning. If you’re an owner of a small bathroom, you should consider these tips if you want to make the most of your bathroom.

Colour of Bathroom Tiles

As colours affect our perception of sizes, you should use lighter tones for smaller bathrooms. That’s why it’s better to have a minimalist style in a small bathroom, which uses white and light tones. To create a more connected place, you can use the same tiles for the floor and wall, but they should be bigger ones.

Bathroom Tile Ideas for Pattern

The choice of bathroom tile ideas isn’t limited to small bathrooms. For example, you can choose a special pattern just for the shower and use neutral colours for the rest of the bathroom. Also, if you want to tile up to the ceiling, use larger tiles, not smaller ones. Larger tiles make any space look wider and cleaner.

Shape of Bathroom Tiles

The shape of bathroom tiles affects how your pattern will look. There are smaller shapes like Bubbles, Mod Mosaic, Moroccan Cross, Moroccan Fish Scales, Penny Round, Small Square Bricks, Hexagon, Trim, Metro Rectangular Tiles, Diamonds, Bullnose, to Craftsman Squares. All these shapes can be used in small bathrooms, but with a precise pattern you want to create.

Bathroom Tile Ideas in Summary

Since there are many things that you should consider when renovating a small bathroom, we’ve created for you a list of things in short.

Here are they:
  • Use lighter pale colour
  • Create a unique pattern
  • Choose handy storage items
  • Mirror also makes a room seem larger
  • Let your bathroom have sufficient life
  • Keep it clean from clutter
  • Give it a personal touch

Larger Bathroom

If you have a larger bathroom, you’ll probably want to turn it into a comfortable, cosy room. We bring you the best bathroom tiles ideas for larger bathrooms.

Desired Colours for Bathroom Tiles

There’s nothing wrong with choosing light tones, but they will make your bathroom even larger. Adding darker and warmer tones will make your bathroom look smaller but more cosy. Larger bathrooms are perfect for traditional, vintage style. However, you can use your imagination and turn your large bathroom into your private resort.

Shape and Size of Bathroom Tiles

Since it’s a large bathroom, there are a lot of bathroom tile ideas you can use for your bathroom. However, it’ll be better to use bigger tiles because you need to cover a lot of space but add smaller ones to create your signature.

Use Different tile types to Play with a Pattern

The large bathroom allows you to play with colours and different patterns, but still, pay attention to how complementary the colours you want to combine are. If you're bold enough, you can even create art with tiles.

Use the Space Wisely

Having a large bathroom doesn’t mean you can place any additional furniture you can think of. You can play with storing items, but they must be practical and be filled with bathroom-related stuff. Adding a plant will also make your bathroom look more relaxing. But, do keep in mind that, whatever you place into your bathroom, must be resistant to constant moisture and exposure to water.

Ask Experts for Help

Choosing bathroom tiles must leave a personal touch. Having a tiler that can understand your bathroom tile ideas facilitates this renovation process much more. They can virtually show you how your ideas will be in reality. Besides this kind of help, you need someone to tear down the old tiles.

Completely renovating the bathroom requires tearing down your old tiles. This isn’t just anger-releasing activity which enables you to hammer down your tiles. You can ruin your pipe installations, and many more things. Also, renovation experts can tell you whether you need to change your pipe system.

Applying tiles isn’t an easy task; you need to create a solid tile adhesive paste, which differs from tile material. Also, in some patterns and combinations, some tiles need to be cut to finish the tiling process properly. 

All in all, don’t worry. We’ll find you the service agency that best meets your needs and can help you with bathroom tile ideas.

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