Choosing the Best Types of Windows for Your House

types of Windows
Taking your time and deciding what types of windows to use for your home is a very useful matter, especially in Ireland and its challenging weather. Of course, it’s also an issue of personal taste and your home’s architectural style.

There are many advantages to considering what window type to select. Aside from the aesthetic value of a good-looking window that suits your house, there are practical features, too. The right window type can help you reduce noise, provide insulation from the weather and save energy.

Before discussing how to choose the proper window type, let’s take a look at the most popular choices in Ireland.

Some Popular Types of Windows

There are many types of windows available, but here are the top choices for most of Ireland’s inhabitants.

Double hung windows

These windows have two sashes that slide up and down. This allows you to choose where to get ventilation from, and because of its parts, it doesn’t require extra space to open it. This makes it a very popular choice for many houses, especially if you don’t have a lot of space.


Casement windows

These are the “typical” windows that have hinges on the sides and open outwards. This allows them more ventilation because, unlike the previous ones, you can open them fully.

Awning windows

Awning windows are similar to casement windows, with an important difference. Unlike those, these are hinged at the top and open outward from the bottom. This allows them to perform like an awning (hence the name), protecting your interior from the rain.

Bow windows

These windows have at least three glass panels of equal size, assembled in a curved shape like a bow. This allows you fantastic views and light. Additionally, it creates a space where you can place decorations or other items.

There’s a variant called “bay window”, which is a more modern approach with only three panels and adds a bit more space on the interior.

How to Choose a Window Type

As we mentioned before, there are both aesthetic and functional reasons when deciding what type of window to install. Here are some considerations:

Match the style of the house

It goes without saying that you probably wouldn’t put a mediaeval-styled door in a minimalistic house. Exaggerated examples aside, the same goes for windows. For instance, traditional house styles often go well with bow and awning windows, whereas modern architecture favours other styles.

Choose the right material

Windows come in different materials, which impacts their durability, cost and features. Here are the most common ones:
  • Wood: This is great for giving a traditional appearance; it’s environmentally friendly and can be painted. Additionally, it offers great insulation.
  • Aluminium: Aluminium windows are great for modern homes, thanks to their modern look. It’s light but strong, more affordable than wood but less energy-efficient and offers less insulation, too.
  • PVC: These windows are generally the least expensive ones, but still offer good energy efficiency. It requires no maintenance and is lightweight. However, it has a lifespan of 20 years.
  • Composite: these windows combine materials such as wood and aluminium. It aims to provide the best features of each material, offering a greater resistance than most. However, they’re substantially more pricey.

Think about functionality

Windows don’t just need to look nice -they need to be useful as well. This is why you should consider how much ventilation you need in each room. You should also consider safety, especially with windows leading to the street.

Size is also important, as large windows can offer more ventilation, sunlight and panoramic views but can be more difficult to open and close.

Energy efficiency

With rising utility costs, it’s important to ensure windows are as energy-efficient as they can be. This implies choosing windows with good U-values. The most common in Ireland is a double-glazed window of 4mm glass, 16mm air and 4mm glass. This offers a U-value of 2.8W/m2K

However, it’s better if you can get triple-glazed units. They are about 18% more efficient and will keep your home warmer while requiring less heating.


Yes, a wall-to-wall window or renaissance-era vitreaux may look fantastic, but you need to consider your budget as well. Windows vary in cost depending on the type, the materials and the size. Don’t forget to factor in the installation costs, too.

Now that you know about the most important window types and other critical aspects of choosing windows for your home, it’s time to get started! Contact us today if you’re in need of professional window services. We can connect you with the right professionals throughout Ireland to help with all your window needs.


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