Painting tips: What are the best colors for interior walls?


If you are going to paint interior walls at home, do not minimize the importance of colors! Choosing the right paints is a crucial step in home painting, as colors are one of the main elements in defining the personality of an environment.

Colors can change the perception of the size and lighting of a space or even influence our state of mind. By painting interior walls with the right colors, it is possible to create different atmospheres, from quiet and relaxing spaces to vibrant and stimulating areas.

In this article, we're going to explore how colors can transform a home's environment and how a professional painter can be an important ally in this process!


How to paint interior walls to “increase” space

Do you have a low ceiling that makes the room look small? The best visual trick to increase the feeling of height is to paint the ceiling in a light color and paint the interior walls in a slightly darker color, such as beige or light gray.

Do you have a very narrow living room or bedroom? You can also play with light and dark colors to manipulate that feeling. Paint the ceiling and back wall with a darker color than the side walls. This technique is often used in corridors and narrow spaces to appear shorter and wider.

But if the whole space is small, and not just the ceiling, avoid using dark colors and opt for white or neutral tones. Here’s a golden tip: mirrors are the greatest allies of light colors in creating a sense of space. Use them in conjunction with whites to catch and reflect light.

If you ask for a glossy or satin finish on your house paint, the light will reflect even more, but it also highlights the flaws in the wall. Ask the painter his opinion on the most suitable type of paint for painting your home!


How to paint interior walls to reduce space

If you have high ceilings and this makes your space less welcoming, a trick often used by interior designers is to paint the ceiling a darker color than the walls. This “lowers” ​​the ceiling and makes the space more welcoming.

If the whole space is too large for your taste, you can paint the interior walls in a darker tone that “steals” light from the space and makes it cozier. This year, petrol blue and Amazonian green are the big trends in interior decoration. But we only recommend painting all the walls with these tones in truly large spaces that need this manipulation.

As for the bedrooms, the colors most associated with coziness and relaxation are warm colors in pastel tones, such as yellows, oranges, reds and pink, as well as the whole terracotta family.


Colors to create a stimulating area

Are you a person full of energy who wants a home reflecting your personality? Orange, red and yellow, in bright and vibrant tones, are the colors most associated with dynamism and energy.

You can also opt for a decorative painting on the wall. A trend in house painting is geometric paintings [examples] with various colors that create not only a spectacular wall, but above all a sense of movement.


Specialty paints: washable, wood paints, chalkboard paints!


Are you going to paint the house for the first time in years? Take the opportunity to see the new paint options on the market.

If you have children with an artistic streak and it is not uncommon to find cave figures on the walls, you have two excellent options: a washable white paint, so that they can continue to use the walls as a canvas, and slate paint, which gives the effect of a chalkboard, ideal for enhancing paintings.

Washable paints are a good option in several situations: when there are children or pets at home, in short-term local accommodations where suitcases are always coming in and out that rub against and stain the walls, and even for kitchens where owners aren’t fans of tiles.

When you are painting the house, consider if the wood also needs a “refresh”. Lacquered wood is a trend because it easily hides defects in old wood and increases the longevity of doors and baseboards. Also, when you're painting interior walls, consider using wood paint to integrate woods into your color scheme.

Did you like our ideas to increase or decrease the feeling of space and how to make a space cozier? Ask for house painting quotes now! Tell us what you need and in no time you will be receiving several free quotes for your painting project.


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