Moving House With Children: 10 Essential Tips

Moving house is often a significant event, and when you have kids, the task can seem even more daunting. A new neighbourhood, a new school, and leaving behind familiar faces - these changes can be quite unsettling for children. But with the right approach, you can turn this challenge into an exciting adventure for the whole family. Maximize your moving success with our comprehensive ten-step house moving checklist. Discover essential tips to ensure a smoother transition and make your move a breeze.  

Our Comprehensive Moving House Checklist

Here are our ten recommendations for moving house with kids that will result in a smooth transition.

1. Discuss the Move

  • Open Communication: Start by discussing the move openly and honestly. Kids may have mixed feelings about it, so reassure them that it's normal to feel this way. Encourage them to voice their concerns and respond empathetically.

2. Involve Them in the Process

  • Participation: Make your children part of the moving process. They can assist in packing their own things, choosing the colour for their new room, or even planning their space's layout. This can give them a sense of control over the changes.

3. Visit the New Area

  • Familiarisation: Take your kids to visit the new area beforehand, if possible. Explore local parks, shops, and their new school. This can help make the unfamiliar, familiar and less intimidating.

4. Pack a Comfort Box

  • Comfort Items: Allow each child to pack a "comfort box" filled with their favourite items they can keep throughout the move. This can provide emotional support and make them feel secure.

5. Keep a Routine

  • Consistency: Try to keep routines consistent. Regular meal times and bedtimes can provide a sense of normality during a time of change.

6. Seek Professional Help

  • Efficiency: Consider hiring a professional moving company. This can reduce stress, leaving you with more time and energy to focus on your kids. Try searching for trusted tradespeople on Douleutaras/YourHero who can efficiently handle the move while you keep your family’s spirits high.

7. Set up Kids' Rooms First

  • Priority: Once you're in the new house, try to set up the kids' rooms first. Having their own space set up with familiar things can make them feel more at home.

8. Encourage New Friendships

  • Social Interaction: Encourage your children to make new friends. Organise play dates or get them involved in local clubs or activities.

9. Be Patient

  • Understanding: Understand that settling in might take time. Be patient with your kids as they adjust to their new environment.

10. Show Them The Positive Side

  • Optimism: Highlight the positive aspects of the move. Whether it's a bigger bedroom, a nicer neighbourhood, or a great new school, focusing on the positives can help your kids look forward to the move.

Moving house with kids in tow doesn't have to be a daunting experience. With a little preparation and a lot of patience, you can ensure the move is as smooth as possible for your little ones. Remember that everyone at  YourPro is here to help with any professional services you might need along the way. After all, a new home signifies a new beginning, and that should be an exciting time for everyone in the family.


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