How to clean the fridge effectively?

how to clean the fridge
Regular fridge cleaning is a necessary home routine because it makes your fridge last longer, while at the same time, a clean fridge means a fridge without weird odours, and your food stays fresh and safe from potential bacteria infestations. We bring you some useful tips on how to clean the fridge.

Steps for Fridge Cleaning

Even though every fridge has its user manual that has tips on how to clean the fridge, as well as a deep-clean function, here are some general things you should do regarding fridge cleaning.

Empty Your Fridge

While taking out your food items, check their expiry dates, and throw away food that’s not good anymore. This will also help you to see which food items you need to buy. Place temperature-sensitive food in a portable freezer. The one you bring on short trips will do because it’ll prevent bacteria from easily multiplying at room temperature.

Take Out All the Removable Parts

The next step in fridge cleaning is taking out all the removable parts. Just be careful how you take them out. Since they can be removed, it’ll be easier to wash them with a dishwashing liquid or some other homemade cleaning mixtures.

One important thing. If your fridge has glass parts, you should place them to warm a bit at the room temperature before washing them. Glass can break down due to an instant change in temperature. Otherwise, you can wash those elements as soon as you take them out. You should do it first so that they dry while you clean the fridge both inside and outside.

How to Clean the Fridge Interior

When doing fridge cleaning, you should always choose non-harsh cleaning solutions because, not that they can damage your fridge, but some of them are hard to remove, especially their odour, which food will absorb eventually.

Wash with lukewarm water since hot water can affect the fridge temperature. You can create a cleaning mixture of baking soda, vinegar and lukewarm water, a few drops of dishwasher liquid, dip in a cloth or sponge, and then scrub all over the fridge.

For hard-reaching places in your fridge interior, you can use a cotton bud and even a toothpick to take out food residues collected in the joined areas. Then, you should rinse it with a clean, wet cloth until there’s no trace of cleaning solution. In the end, take a dry cloth and go over the place.

How to Clean the Fridge Exterior

This may be tricky for those built-in fridges and freezers, and it’d be better to book a service to do this for you. In any case, cleaning the outer parts of the refrigerator shouldn’t be neglected, especially the door handle.

Cleaning the condenser coils means turning your fridge off and pulling the fridge forward so that you can reach the coils. This is only for those fridges that are not built-in. Wait a bit for the coils to cool down and simply vacuum the dust. This will prevent coils from clogging.

Put Back the Fridge Elements

It’s time to put the fridge elements back into your fridge. In case you turn off your fridge while cleaning, you need to wait for the temperature to reach 5°C or below. Modern fridges usually have built-in thermometers or fast-cool functions.

Return the Food

The last step of fridge cleaning is putting food items back into your fridge. You can sort food items as you wish. If you want to have your food items organised better in your fridge, you can use food containers. Also, you can place a paper towel in those drawers to keep drawers clean for a longer time.

Cleaning the Freezer

Freezers don’t require as often deep cleaning as fridges. The procedure is similar to cleaning the fridge. Before turning off your freezer and waiting for the ice to melt, take out your food items and place them in a portable freezer. You should put some towels to absorb the melted ice. Clean in the same way we suggested for fridge cleaning.

Before turning on the freezer, make sure you have dried it thoroughly. Don’t put your food back until the freezer temperature is -180oC. If you’re worried that your frozen food may be ruined, then you should clean the freezer when it’s almost empty.

Benefits of Deep Fridge Cleaning

Even though some fridges have a deep-cleaning function, it’s still good to do it on your own. If you don’t have time, we can find a service for you to do that instead. Letting professionals do the fridge cleaning will be more effective because they know all bits and pieces of how to clean the fridge.

 Also, sometimes, despite the regular cleaning, you notice your fridge isn’t working properly or still has weird odours. That’s when you should definitely contact a service agency to inspect your fridge. Contact us, and we’ll connect you to the experts.


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