10 Essential Tips When Moving House

moving house
Moving house is one of life’s most dreaded events. In fact, according to polls, moving is even more stressful than divorce. What’s worse, there are varying degrees of problems. Moving to a different city can be a logistics nightmare, whereas pushing a large sofa up the stairs is equally terrible.

In such cases, there’s little else to do than press on and get the right people for the job. However, there are important considerations that can make your life easier during those trying times when you move. Without further ado, here are the best moving house tips.

1 - Create a Moving House Checklist

This should be a top priority for you, as it can make your life a lot easier. Create a checklist with everything that needs to be done before, during and after moving. Consider even the most mundane things, even if you decide to dismiss them later.


2- Declutter and Organise Your Belongings

Remember that toaster with WiFi you bought and never used? This is a great time to get rid of it! Donate, sell or throw away everything that feels unnecessary, broken or old. This can seriously reduce the amount of packing you’ll need to do. There are professionals that help you with this task if you require help.

3- Hire a Reliable Moving Company

You should check for companies with a good reputation that arrive on time, as time is of the essence when moving. Of course, that’s just the start. Try to get recommendations from others, and find out if they’re careful with your belongings.

4- Pack Efficiently

Believe it or not, there are different packing techniques. Some prefer packing entire rooms, while others categorise items based on size, and more. The important part is to stick to a plan and use appropriate boxes. Remember that large boxes can become quite heavy, so it’s better to have a combination of small and large boxes for different items.

5- Label Everything

Having a million boxes with no idea of what’s inside can be a nightmare. This is why it’s critical to label your containers depending on your packing strategy. For instance, if you pack according to each room, you can label them with the room and the kind of items that particular box has. This is of immense help when you need something quickly.

6- Take Inventory

Aside from creating a moving checklist, taking inventory of your things before moving is crucial. This way, you’ll assess what you’ll take with you and control later if each item is present. You can even do it in a spreadsheet-like fashion and add a column to add a “Y/N” for damages or other features.

7- Notify Your Change of Address

Leaving any important parties out of the loop when you move can bring in some major headaches later. Don’t forget to notify your new address to your bank, utility companies, credit card companies and any other organisation that sends physical mail to you. Of course, don’t forget to tell your family and friends too, at least the ones you like!

8- Arrange for Utilities and Services

It would be terrible not having water or electricity at your new place. For example, if you move into a property in Ireland that has never been connected before or has been disconnected for at least two years, you need to ask for a connection.

The same goes for the house you leave behind. Notify all utility companies of your move.

9- Prepare for Moving Day

Moving Day, better known as “D-Day”, can be one of the most challenging days in your life. Prepare yourself mentally and have everything set up in advance. Place your boxes so it takes the least amount of time to get them on the moving truck. Make plans on the best way to move large furniture.

Also, don’t forget to get plenty of water, snacks and other necessary items at hand.

10- Ensure Proper Insurance Coverage

Even though it’s not mandatory, it’s a great idea to get moving insurance. This protects your personal belongings when you move. If things are broken or lost, the insurance company covers the costs. Some moving companies also offer payment for broken or lost items, so be sure to check with them first.

Moving is a challenging yet satisfying experience when it’s all said and done, and you’re sitting in your new place. With these tips, you’ll make your life easier and make the experience more tolerable. If you are moving house with children we also have another article with some helpful tips to help with the process.

However, never underestimate how helpful the right professionals are. If you need help when moving, get in touch with us. We’ll connect you with the best professionals in your area in no time!


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