Tips for Placing and Removing Wax on Wooden Floors

hardwood floor
Wooden floors are fantastic because of their durability and appeal, but they need maintenance. One of the key components in making your floors look great and last a long time is using wax on them.

However, even something as seemingly simple as waxing a wooden floor can have its challenges. This is why we decided to write an article to help you become a wooden-floor waxing expert in no time!

Why Use Wood Floor Wax? 

There are many reasons to wax your wooden floor instead of using other cleaning solutions. First, it prevents the absorption of spills. Since wood is quite absorbent, it can become stained when you drop food or spill beverages over it.

It also fades minor scratches and other issues. Besides, it acts as a protective barrier against dirt, your cat’s hair, and other nasties.

Just remember to use wax on floors that already have been treated with a wood sealer such as lacquer, oil, varnish or others. Don’t wax other types of floors, such as stone and ceramic tiles.

What Kind of Floor Waxes Are Available? 

Floor wax generally comes in three different formats. One of them is solid wax, which is generally used on hardwood floors without any sealing treatment.

Then, you have liquid or cream wax which, as the name implies, is more fluid and allows for easier spreading than solid wax. It’s ideal for hardwood but other materials like unfinished cork as well. Finally, there’s oil wax that you can use on untreated wooden floors. The oil penetrates the wood and repels water.

There are also different waxes based on what they’re made of. Some products offer a blend of synthetic waxes, while others are based on beeswax and other natural substances.

How to Wax a Wooden Floor

Let’s get to work! Here’s what you need to do to properly wax your wooden floor, considering the surface is free from furniture and objects.

1- Check the floor for previous treatment

The floor might have been waxed before with natural or synthetic wax. It’s necessary to know this in order to proceed. Check if the floor is shiny. If it is, it has been treated. If you wipe it with thinner and it turns yellow or brown, it’s been treated with natural wax. If there’s no discolouration, it’s synthetic.

2- Choose the right product

If the floor was waxed with natural wax before, your best bet is to use natural wax. If a synthetic product was used, you might want to scrub the floor to remove the wax from the wooden floor and apply the same one afterwards.

If you don’t know what’s been used, you need to remove the layer completely before proceeding. In that case, you can get a floor stripping solution and use it on the floor. Follow the instructions on the label.

3- Clean the floor

Once the floor is ready, either because you removed the previous layer or you’re waxing on top of it, use a vacuum or a broom to remove all dust from the floor. Then, use a mop to clean it thoroughly.

4- Apply the product to the mop

Use a new mop and fill a bucket with the wax. Submerge the mop in the bucket, and press it on the dry part of the bucket to remove excess liquid. The mop should be damp but not dripping. If using a flat wax mop, you don’t need to do this, as they’re designed for you to pour the wax directly on the upper side.

5- Start waxing

Use the mop by starting farthest from the door to minimise stepping into the already waxed parts. Do it slowly, without missing a spot. When you cover part of the floor, use broad strokes to even the product across the surface.

6- Let it dry & repeat

After the floor is covered, let it dry for about half an hour or more, then repeat the process according to the label of the product. Typically, it’s three or four times.

That’s it! After half a day or so, you can put your furniture back in and enjoy your immaculate floor. Just notice that some products require an additional buffing step. You can use a pad or burnishing machine for this.

Hopefully, these instructions will help you achieve a great-looking wooden floor in an easy way. However, remember that we can contact you with professionals in case you need help. Simply get in touch for a quote!


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