Why Proper Electrical Installation and Maintenance is Essential

electrical installation and maintenance
When it comes to electrical installation and maintenance, people often think about installing new sockets or calling an electrician because a switch isn’t working. However, the often-ignored electrical maintenance can have serious consequences and represent a health hazard.

In this article, we’ll discuss why preventive maintenance is necessary and what can happen if you neglect it.

Preventive Maintenance Ensures Safety

Overall, the most important aspect of electrical maintenance is to keep you and your home safe. Any problem in your wiring can result in electrical shocks or fires, and even electrocution. Any of them can be fatal and destroy your property.

If you maintain your electrical installation properly, you’ll detect issues before they become a problem.

Extends the Lifespan of Appliances

If you have proper electrical installation and maintenance, you’ll be able to extend how long your home appliances and other electrical devices last. Any faulty wire can cause circuits to short, which can overload your appliances and render them unusable.

If you ensure your circuits are in order, appliances will work according to their specifications and last longer.

Reduces the Energy Consumption

If you perform regular maintenance on your electrical installation, you can even reduce your energy consumption. This is because proper checking of all the components can identify potential ones that are causing trouble and higher bills.

For instance, there can be current leaks that are happening 24/7, old transformers that waste energy, inefficient lighting sources, and more. All of this can be easily addressed and kept in check with proper maintenance.


Checks Compliance with the Irish Wiring Rules

All electrical work needs to comply with the National Rules for Electrical Installations in Ireland. The latest edition (2020) replaced the old standard from 2008. If you perform checks regularly, you’ll ensure your home is up-to-date with the latest regulations.

Compliance with this is mandatory, and rules are revised from time to time to ensure better safety. Since you may not be aware of changes in these rules, maintenance done by a professional can give you a heads-up.

What Happens If I Don’t Do It? 

As you might have noticed, the main objective of electrical maintenance is keeping you, your loved ones, and your property safe. If you neglect to perform it regularly, you’re subject to potential risks. These include electrical fires, electrical shock hazards, costly repairs and even injury or death.

Electrical fires are a key example of poor maintenance. Most of these situations occur when worn-out or faulty sockets aren’t properly grounded. In time, the wiring wears and loosens. It can eventually cause a fire if it breaks. Electrical fires cannot be put out with water and are very dangerous.

Electrical shocks can be fatal, and happen when a current goes through your body. This can happen because of exposure to live currents from poor insulation. Depending on how large the current that passes through your body, you can have different effects. These range from painful sensations to tissue burning, heart paralysis and ventricular fibrillation. All of them are potentially fatal.

Tips on Proper Electrical Maintenance

Thankfully, with proper maintenance, you can keep your electrical installation in check. But, what is proper maintenance, exactly? Here are some key considerations:
  • Perform electrical inspections: you should get the help of a professional to inspect your installation in order to find potential hazards or faults.
  • Test and tag electrical appliances: this means inspecting electrical devices visually and then testing them with a Portable Appliance Tester. The label shows information, including when the next test is due. This helps ensure your equipment is in top condition.
  • Check for loose or frayed wires: Any loose or frayed wires should be dealt with immediately to prevent electrical hazards.
  • Proper grounding and bonding: Older electrical installations sometimes haven’t proper grounding, which is essential when keeping you safe. Also, bonding can deteriorate with time, so it’s a good idea to check if the connections are in good condition.
Summing up, things never happen until they do. If you’re in doubt about your electrical installation, connect with us today! We can offer you the best electrical professionals in your area for all your electrical maintenance needs.


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