How to Clean Hardwood Floors?

hardwood flooring
Having hardwood floors makes any room warmer and cosier while creating a natural ambience. It’s something worth the price because quality hardwood flooring isn't cheap. If you have it or are still considering having it, we will bring you the best way to clean wood floors.

Various Methods for Cleaning Hardwood Flooring

Maintaining hardwood flooring isn’t difficult, but it should be done regularly. Whether you have oak, bamboo, pine or some other wood, the cleaning strategy is the same. However, you should also follow the instructions of the wood manufacturer because some cleaning solutions may harm your hardwood floor.

Sweeping Hardwood Flooring

It’s good to do the sweeping of hardwood flooring before vacuuming if there are larger pieces of dirt and other things because larger parts can get stuck into vacuum cleaning and cause clogging.

However, don’t use any kind of broom because it might scratch your hardwood flooring. You should find those brooms that are appropriate for sweeping hardwood floors. Having a soft-bristled broom that suits hardwood flooring will enable you to use it daily.

Vacuuming Hardwood Flooring

Any vacuum cleaner will vacuum and leave clean hardwood flooring of dust, crumbs, and other tiny pieces. You should vacuum your floor at least twice a week. However, choose a vacuuming option that won’t scratch your hardwood flooring. This means that you also should turn off that brush that you can use on rather soft surfaces, like carpets.

Mop the Dust Away

Mopping the dust away with the right cleaning solution will make your clean hardwood flooring smell nicer and refreshing. You should be careful how you mop the dust away from four hardwood flooring because there are different types of wooden floors, solid and engineered hardwood, and laminate, which is a wood-looking floor type. You should mop at least twice a month.

How to Mop Solid and Engineered Hardwood

Always use a microfibre mop to apply cleansing solution and another to dry it. If it’s too hot outside, your hardwood flooring will dry quickly. Otherwise, you should dry it because water can cause damage to wood.

Not just water, but also harsh chemicals can ruin your hardwood flooring and make it shineless, and cause the melting of its sealing connector.  So, never use undiluted vinegar, chlorine bleach, pine oil or ammonia for any polyurethane-sealed, including any wax treatments.

How to Mop Laminate Wood-Looking Floor

It doesn’t require as much attention as hardwood flooring, but you should know that you shouldn’t clean it with too much water, but rather with a wet, wrung-out cloth. For cleaning laminate floors, you can easily use steam mops, and avoid pine oil and harsh chemicals.

Removing Spills, Scratches and Stains from Hardwood Flooring

Removing stains and spills from any hardwood flooring depends on what was messed and what caused the particular stain. You can use commercial stain removal products, but just keep in mind that they must be intended to use on hardwood flooring. Otherwise, it’s best to call professionals to painlessly and effectively remove any stain.

This also works for any spills. Oily spins can be removed by applying dish detergent with a soft cloth on the spill and rinsing it with appropriate amounts of water. Watermarks as well as white marks can be removed by commercial cleaning products. However, if not sure, better consult professionals to do that properly.

Saving Hardwood Flooring from Scratches

It hurts to see your beautiful hardwood flooring scratched by your pet, kids, even accidentally, by one of your friends while having a party. There are some things you can do to heal the scratches. But, remember, if you’re not sure about this, you can always contact professionals to save your hardwood floor.

You can find liquid scratch healers that can camouflage all your scratches. However, keep in mind to read the applying instructions carefully as well as choose the right colour of the liquid that matches your hardwood flooring.

Additional Tips on How To Protect Hardwood Flooring

It’s better to prevent potential damage from happening than treat it later. Here are things you should consider:
  • place a carpet around sitting areas, and halls
  • don’t walk in shoes in your home, especially in heels
  • Use furniture pads on your furniture to protect furniture marks on your hardwood flooring
  • Don’t wait for spills to dry, wipe them immediately
  • Don’t drag furniture and other items on the floor
  • Trim your pet’s nails regularly
  • Refresh it with a new hardwood flooring coat every three to five years
  • Refinish it and sand it every ten years
  • Book a professional deep-cleaning
  • Keep it from direct sunlight exposure - it affects wood colour

Clean Hardwood Flooring Equals Clean Home 

All these tips are part of the best way to clean wood floors, both for regular maintenance and emergencies when saving your wooden floor from spills, scratches and stains. Cleaning your hardwood flooring isn’t just for the floor itself but also makes your home a clean place because all that dirt, especially if not cleaned for a long time, causes a lot of diseases that threaten our lives.

Luckily, that’s why we have cleaning professionals who can do it properly, especially in those homes that aren’t inhabited daily.


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