Exterior Painting Tips And Tricks

exterior painting
As a rule, you can choose any colour from the exterior paint colour palette. Thus, regardless of whether you’re browsing before hiring an expert in house painting or you’re a DIY person, you should thoroughly prepare before beginning with exterior painting. Here’s what you should do.

Thorough Preparation Grants Success

It’s all in preparation. Applying colour to your home is the last step of many calculations done beforehand. So, it means you should break your house painting plan into smaller sections. They will serve you as a guide to what you should do step by step. This is what we suggest you should do.

Choosing Exterior Paint Colours

It’s a matter of personal preference which exterior paint colours you’ll choose. You can choose just one colour or combine two as long as it suits your home's building material. It’s not the same if you have stucco, wood, or some other building material.

Also, don’t look at the price, but rather, its quality. Low-quality colours will easily wash off. That’s why you also should choose a good-quality primer. Keep in mind that knowing the correct dimension of your house will help you while deciding how many colour cans you need.

Additionally, pick those colours that match your outdoor surroundings if you want to camouflage your house. Otherwise, choose vibrant colours if you want your house to be unique. Concerning colour tones, light tones will visually make your home look larger, while darker tones will visually make your home smaller.

Choosing the Painting Tools

Equip yourself with high-quality tools for applying the colours. You can choose between brushes and rollers, but keep in mind your house's building material. Also, you should buy good tools for scraping the old colour, nylon layers for protection of all things you want to protect from colour spill. You can even buy a painting box for carrying around all the material.

You can browse for ideas on the internet for house painting ideas, especially for colour combinations, or consult professionals who can help with selection. For example, let’s say you want to add some lines on the white wall. Exterior design experts can help you visualise your ideas thanks to ICT tools for creating digital images.

Check the Current Leading Exterior Paint Colours

Before applying new exterior paint colours to your home, you should check the condition of the current leading exterior paint. If a test shows that it easily falls off, it means that it’s not a good base for a new house painting.

A quick test for this is to scratch a bit of the colour from the wall with a knife, then put a small piece of tape over it, press the tape firmly, and then rip it off quickly. If there’s any colour left on the tape, it means it can’t be used as a base, and it should be removed.

In this case, it’s better to call experts to remove the old paint properly. Luckily, this doesn't concern those who have just built their new home and are deciding on their first exterior painting project.

Refresh Your Exterior Wall

Wash exterior walls. The most effective way is using a pressure washer because plain hosing doesn’t have much power to remove all residues and accumulated dirt and dust from walls.

After pressure washing your wall, apply sand, and inspect your wall in case it needs some repairs, in terms of filling in some holes, or damages of the wood, depending on the material used for building your house.

Protect the Area Around the Walls

This refers to removing outdoor plants and furniture or just covering them with something that you won’t mind spilling paint on during house painting. Also, protect your windows with nylon. You could also place signs that exterior painting is in the process to inform people around you.

Set up Ladders or Scaffoldings

For an effective exterior painting, you should use ladders or scaffoldings. What you will use depends on the size of your house. Scaffoldings are better for multi-storey dwellings.

Check the Weather

Checking whether before exterior painting is important because rain washes off freshly applied exterior paint colours. If it’s too hot, colours will dry up quickly, leaving lap marks behind. Thus, while buying colours, check how well they are resistant to weather. Low-quality colours will require repainting sooner than you expect.

Applying Exterior Paint Colours

After all your preparation is done, your exterior house walls are ready for applying new exterior paint colours. There are several techniques you can choose for applying colours depending on whether you’ll choose a brush or a roller. If you haven’t done this before, you should first practise these techniques on some surfaces.

This is important because improper colour application will leave various marks on your wall. This will not just cost you time, but also money while repairing the damage.

Moreover, if this is something that seems too demanding, contact us, and we will find the best service agency that deals with exterior painting. Contact us even if you're a DIY expert if you have any concerns about house painting, and we’ll help you.


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