The Importance of Proper Deck Maintenance

Deck Maintenance
A great idea for creating a bit of extra space around your home is having a deck. It’s not only a nice surface to walk on; you can also use it to enjoy barbecues during nice weather, sunbathe or simply read a book or have drinks with friends.

However, with a great deck come great responsibilities. Because they’re usually outdoors, they require special deck maintenance and care, as they’re easily one of the most exposed parts of your house.

Damage on decks isn’t just cosmetic. It can also be a hazard if wood rots, or there are fissures or damaged planks. You can easily injure yourself and put others in danger. Mould and algae can also appear on decks with poor maintenance. Additionally, it decreases the value of your home.

In this article, we’ll tell you all about deck maintenance and what to do if something goes wrong.

Checking Your Deck’s Health

Inspecting your deck regularly is key to finding problems in due time, and correcting them before any serious issues arise. There are two major groups of things to check; let’s start first with structural problems.

The first thing you need to consider is the structural integrity of your deck. Check for any cracks, fissures, loose planks and any other abnormalities, such as protruding nails. Remember to check the ledger, joints, beams, railing and stairs thoroughly.

Then, you need to check everywhere for the things we mentioned before, like mould, algae, mildew and other nasties. It’s also important to check for termite and other insect damage as well.

Deck Restoration and Maintenance Step-by-step

The first step in maintaining your deck in top shape is inspecting it, as you have already learned. You should do this every year, especially before the warm season begins.

Assuming that everything is more or less well and there are no outstanding issues, the second step is to clean the deck thoroughly. You need to use a garden house with high pressure to remove any debris and dirt.

Then, you can use one of the many products to clean decks available in Ireland. Some cleaners have powerful chemicals that easily remove lichen, algae and dirt and don’t even require pressure washing.

When it comes to cleaning products, bear in mind the major differences between them. Non-bleach-based ones are better for removing stains. Bleach-based ones help remove mildew and mould. Finally, acid-based ones are good for eliminating stains and greying.

After using any products, you need to rinse the deck to remove it. How long to wait before doing this is usually explained on the label.

If you want to improve the appearance of your deck, use a light polish to make it shine. If you decide to paint it, it’s preferred to use stain-blocking oils because they penetrate the wood, whereas heavily pigmented paint leaves a coat that sometimes peels.

Finally, apply a sealant with a brush or spray to make your maintenance work last a long time.

In Need of Decking Services? 

As you can see, proper care of your deck is a time-consuming but necessary task. If it’s too much of a bother, we can connect you with the right professionals for this task. They are fully capable of assisting you in keeping your deck in perfect shape and much more. Here are some of the services they can provide:
  • Decking installation
  • Deck design
  • Removal of old deck
  • Deck cleaning and maintenance
  • Deck repairs
  • Deck painting and polishing

A professional doesn’t just keep your deck’s health in top shape; they’re also instrumental in more complicated tasks such as repairing it. Best of all, you don’t need to inspect the deck yourself. They will do that for you and make an assessment of the work that needs to be done.

Professionals also know exactly what products work best in each case, which is critical in determining how long your deck will last. Bear in mind that a deck can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years if properly maintained, so it’s a long-term investment.

If you’re in need of decking services, contact us today to get a quote! We’ll hook you up with the right professionals in your area.


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