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Frequently Asked Questions

What Professional Decking Services Do You Offer?

We offer a diverse range of professional decking services in Dublin for any specific need. Our platform provides expert services at budget-conscious rates at a convenient time for you. Whether you want to design a beautiful modern deck outside for social events, repairs to keep your current deck looking pristine, or cleaning services to maintain your deck, we have got you covered. 

The services we provide regarding decking

  • Plan and installation of a new deck;
  • Maintenance and repairs of existing decking;
  • Cleaning;

What Maintenance Is Needed for a Deck?

The most important aspect of keeping your deck looking brand new is regular maintenance. Keep the deck free of dirt and debris such as leaves because it is essential for the longevity of a deck. Brush dirt and debris off the deck weekly, especially under any furniture or pot plants, and book a professional annual decking cleaning service that will keep it looking brand new!

A few more tips to keep your deck looking brand new is to apply a water-repellent layer as well as a UV protection layer once a year. Getting professional advice for the upkeep is essential to keep your deck from fading or ageing. Call one of our decking professionals today to receive specified advice for your deck.

For additional insights similar to this, explore our blog post on The Importance of Proper Deck Maintenance.

How Often Should I Professionally Have a Deck Cleaning?

Besides regularly cleaning debris off your deck with a hard-bristled broom, a thorough clean is necessary once a year. Book a professional decking service to do a deep clean of your deck to get any grime off. A professional cleaning service will also assess the connecting bolts and screws to ensure they are not rusted or loose. 

An decking expert will inform you if your deck needs a coat of water-repellent to protect the wood or any other necessary repairs. Cleaning is crucial for keeping your deck from decaying and causing any unnecessary problems or strains on your budget.  

Do I Need to Plan My Deck?

Yes, planning the size and location is necessary before installing a new deck. Think about the deck’s purpose; would you like to create an outside seating or eating area, or perhaps a relaxing space for late-night star-gazingstargazing or early-morning sunrises? You don’t want to make it too small so that you can’t use it for much, and you don’t want to make it too big that it takes up the entire garden. 

When choosing a location in your garden for a deck, think about the trees and view around you. You don’t want to be cast in too much shade or have too much sun during the summer. You also don’t want a family of birds in a tree messing on your deck. Once you have your idea, take some measurements of the desired location, and an decking expert will help you plan your perfect deck! 

Do I Need Permission installing a Deck?

You do not need planning permission for your decking if you do not cover more than 50% of your garden and it isn’t higher than 30 cm above the ground. If it is a raised deck, you would need to receive approval from local authorities to build it. However, we recommend that you ask a decking professional for their expert advice after the booking process. The builder will inform you if you need to make any arrangements for planning permission. If that is the case, our technicians are helpful, and they will assist you with the process. 

What Wood Should I Choose for my Deck?

When installing a new deck, the wood you use is essential. After the booking process, a decking technician will help you choose the suitable quality wood that suits your budget. After looking at the different timber options, they will ensure that the wood they buy for the deck installation is from a credible supplier.

How Long will an Installation of a New Deck Take?

There are a few factors to consider when determining how long the installation of a new deck would take. The time of building depends on the size, the location, and whether the deck will be raised or not. Larger decks will take longer than smaller decks. A raised deck will take longer than a lower deck. 

However, it usually takes anywhere between 1 to 4 weeks to building a deck. After speaking to a technician, they will arrange a site visit to determine all these factors. Once the logistics are out of the way, they will be able to provide you with a timeline of the project from beginning to end. Our decking technicians are experienced with planning and installing, so they will build an expert deck efficiently.    

Are the Decking Specialists Experienced?

All our decking technicians undergo a comprehensive screening beforehand to ensure that our registered builders are experts in the fields with experience in installations, repairs, and maintenance. With our platform, we recommend the right expert with the relevant expertise and equipment for your specific decking project. Our technicians are reliable and trustworthy. We guarantee punctual arrival, quality service, and a happy customer after the decking work has been completed.

What are the Rates of your Professional Decking Service in Dublin?

The cost of our service depends on the professional decking service in Dublin you require. If you want an installation of a new deck, the size and timber used will determine the price. Sometimes, the cost of a deck may be outside of your price range, but our decking experts suggest that you instead cut back on size rather than the quality of timber.

Our professionals will provide the correct options for your specific budget for your decking project, but a rough estimate is around €9 per square foot. Our experts will be there to help you source the suitable materials for the perfect deck. The price of maintenance and repairs will be based on the specific work your deck needs, so call an expert, and they will be able to assess how much it would cost. However, we offer you quality decking services at competitive prices that suit your budget.

Why Should I Book a Decking Service Through YourPro?

Our simple booking process offers you multiple options to choose from for home improvements  and maintenance  while saving you time and money. Instead of calling hundreds of businesses to hunt down the right technician, you can find the ideal professional in just a few minutes. Once you have found the right decking technician at the right price for your problem, you can book a call out at a convenient time. Our expert technicians are experienced and will arrive at your doorstep at the scheduled time with the right equipment to complete the decking task.

Does YourPro Cover my Location Decking Services ?

YourPro decking services cover the entire Dublin area. Select your specific location during the booking process, and we will find the nearest decking service with the right equipment for your decking task

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