Which Complementary Colours Go with a Wooden Floor?

complementary colours
Renovating your home takes a lot of preparation and calculation. Besides choosing complementary colours that match your wooden floor, there are some other factors to consider. Stay with us to find all those necessary key factors for interior colour matching.

Complementary Colours in Wood Flooring

When dealing with interior colour matching, Interior design experts usually recommend choosing the opposite tone for the wall in comparison to the colour of the wooden floor.

Playing with cool and warm tones is allowed since there are undertones of wood flooring. Cool tones refer to ‘’cold’’, neutral tones, i.e. blue and purple, whereas warm colours ‘’bring’’ the heat inside a room, i.e. red and orange. Also, in this play, you can create various coloured wood stains.

So, in other words, interior colour matching refers to finding complementary colours for your wood flooring. We bring you insightful tips on how to do it properly.

What are the Complementary colours of Light Wood Flooring Tones? 

Interior colour matching is a lot easier with lighter tones. However, these light tones come in cool and warm tones, i.e., white, grey, light honey or a golden oak tone, and this also affects which colour to choose.

White and grey are neutral colours, and they match with any other colour. However, you should include the type of room when choosing a wall colour. For example, for bedrooms, always choose some calming colours that will help you relax after a stressful day. Just imagine yourself lying in your bed, and staring at a fiery red wall. It’ll make you even more restless.

On the other hand, having a wooden floor in light honey or golden oak tree tone means you need cool tones on your wall since the floor tone belongs to warmer tones. People usually combine navy blue or dark neutral green walls and add white tones to windows, trims and doors.

What are the Complementary Colours of Medium Wood Flooring Tones? 

Medium wood flooring tones are a bit tricky in interior colour-matching games. Since they’re between light and dark tones, it’s easy to make mistakes with complementary colours, and this can lead you to ruin your home look. So, if not sure, it’ll be better to consult experts on this.

However, here are some tips you should follow if having medium wood flooring tones. According to the experts, you should avoid warm tones. The reason for this is that medium tones usually have warm undertones.

Medium cherry tones perfectly match with light tones of green, blue and some grey shades. Always keep in mind that colours always set the tone of your room. So, it’s not the same when choosing wall paint for your bedroom, living room, dining room, or study.

What are Complementary Colours of Dark Wood Flooring Tones

As a rule, you should choose lighter tones because those tones will brighten up your room. Combining darker tones for walls may work in some situations, i.e., when having furniture items of lighter tones.

With the right wall paint, your dark wooden floor will be timeless. That’s something you won’t accomplish with darker tones, but rather with creamy, lighter toney. Moreover, darker tones make any space visually smaller than it actually is.

Important Factors for Interior Colour Matching in Summary

The important factors are:
  • Lighter tones make a room visually larger
  • Darker tones make a room visually smaller
  • Every colour sets a different style and mode
  • Personal preferences
  • Complementary colours create harmony in a room
  • Existing furniture and decor
  • Different wood species (hardwood, laminate, engineered wood) also affect interior design
  • Consult interior design expert

Consult Interior Design Experts

All this can be challenging and time-consuming in trying to match all colour tones and creating a harmony of colours. That’s why there are interior design experts who can help you in this process because your home should be an enjoyable and relaxing place.

So, to prevent it, contact us, and we’ll find you the right expert that matches your needs for renovation. They have specialised programs that virtually create your designs and guide you through renovation. Time is a precious thing, and don’t waste it by choosing the wrong colour.

Importance of Matching Complementary Colours with Wood Flooring

Complementary colours of wood flooring are crucial because colours either enliven your room or disrupt it; colours either bring a feeling of harmony or restlessness. That’s why renovation isn’t a simple task, making you easily mess up things around colours. Thankfully, there are experts that can help us a lot in this renovation thing.


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