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Temi O.

Lily was an absolute pleasure to work with!! I was extremely impressed by her creative vision and the fantastic work she did with my living room. My living room is now a lot more …

For: Liliia Fokina
Nicola K.

Lily was delightful to deal with. We would highly recommend her services.

For: Liliia Fokina
Anna D.

Agneska is an exceptional interior designer who has truly transformed my home into a beautiful living space. She was able to effortlessly coordinate with the builder, taking speci…

For: Agnieszka O'Toole
Aleksandra W.

Agnieszka is a very passionate and dedicated interior designer. Her high level of competency and professionalism exceed my expectations. Agnieszka thinks outside of the box and h…

For: Agnieszka O'Toole
Sarah M.

Agnieszka was wonderful to work with and goes over and above to help you with your project. I would highly recommend her and really appreciate her design expertise and professiona…

For: Agnieszka O'Toole
Maeve C.

Immediate service and support. Very good at their job.

For: Genesis Groundwork
Chloe C.

They helped us so much! Exceptional tradespersons !!!

For: Extreme Property Maintenance
Martina C.

Flawless, polite, tradesperson, I was absolutely happy. The result is very beautiful, as I wanted it !! Thank you very much !!

For: Landscape Designs Property Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Common Services That YourPro Interior Designers Provide?

You may know that you want to change that old 90s fireplace and bring it up to date, but how do you go about that? Perhaps you want to make changes to your bathroom to make it the relaxing oasis you always dreamed of, but where do you even start? An interior designer in Dublin might be just the answer you’re looking for. Interior designers can see and implement the best version of your vision. 

You may be wondering what services an interior designer in Dublin will be responsible for? Will they be able to handle all the aspects required, such as tiling, flooring, masonry, and painting? Or will they only be choosing furniture and art pieces? Here’s a list of a few interior design services provided to give you some clarity:

  • Space planning
  • Furniture, accessories, and art selection
  • Window treatments and bedding
  • Furniture design and production
  • Interior redesign
  • Finishes selection
  • Construction documents and administration
  • Purchase, procurement, and installation of all items.
  • Work with other servicemen such as tilers, masons, and painters.

If you’re interested in any of these services, make sure to get a hold of one of the expert interior designers in Dublin at YourPro.

Are YourPro Interior Designers Experienced?

At YourPro, we have a strict vetting process in place to ensure that all our experts are experienced, qualified and have a spotless track record. We want to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible, at the most affordable rates, and without any additional stress or fuss. Renovating and redesigning your space can be stressful enough as is. You deserve to work with a person who’ll make the process as smooth as possible. Our interior designers in Dublin will be able to help with this.

When looking at interior designers from YourPro, you’ll have the opportunity to look at the different interior designers’ profiles, read their reviews and view a few of the previous projects, all before meeting with any of them. This means you can get a good idea of the interior designer you’ll be working with right from the get-go.

When Will a YourPro Interior Designer Be Able to Start My Project?

The YourPro website and app are available 24/7. This means that you can get the process of finding interior designer in Dublin whenever it suits you. When you search for interior designers through our handy online form, you can start to give us more information about your projects, such as the interior design project size, what needs to be done, and more. Once you’ve provided more details about your needs, you’ll be able to select when you would want the project to start from the range of options offered. 

Once you’ve completed the form, YourPro will recommend interior designers in your area that meet your requirements and can assist with your project in the desired time frame. From here, you can connect with an interior designer in Dublin of your choice and set up the first meeting. Then you can rest assured that the expert will meet with you on the requested date and time, and you can kick the project into high gear.

Can I Request References from the Interior Designers in Dublin?

Yes, you can request references and portfolios from the interior designers. Once you start looking for them on YourPro, you’ll be able to view their profiles. This will give you access to their previous projects, reviews from other clients and more. 

If you want to browse through all the available interior designers in Dublin, and not just the ones recommended based on the online form you completed, you’ll need to create an account with YourPro first.. Once signed up, you’ll have access to all our services.

However, if you have additional questions that aren’t answered by the profile on YourPro, you can ask the person when you meet with them or once you contact them. We believe in an honest and open approach to business and expect the same from our interior design experts.

I Want to Redesign My Home but Have No Idea Where to Start. Can YourPro Designers Help?

Our designers can help you even if you don’t know where to start. We understand how overwhelming the thought of redecorating can be. Some of us struggle to find inspiration even if we know that a change is needed. Interior designers in Dublin are experienced in seeing the potential of spaces and combining that with your style to create a space that you’ll love. When completing the form, you can simply select layout design, and one of our expert designers will help you envision the space you want. 

Once you’ve completed the form, the interior designer will meet with you at your home to discuss what you want the space to function as, take measurements and discuss your style with you.

From here, they’ll draw up a visual design plan to show you what their plans are, and you can decide from there what you like and what must be altered before they start implementing the changes.

Do YourPro Interior Designers Have Predefined Styles?

Everyone has a style, or combination of styles that they prefer above others. However, our interior designers in Dublin are experts and therefore practice in a wide range of styles.

At the end of the day, you want a space that’s true to you, and that you can be comfortable in. The interior designers need to be able to capture your special style and deliver it in the final design. So regardless of their personal preferences, the experts at YourPro will be experienced in a range of different styles to deliver something unique and fitting to you.

What Types of Spaces Do YourPro Interior Designer Do?

The interior designers at YourPro can handle both home decorating as well as in a professional space. So, suppose you’re looking at having your outdated living room transformed into a cosy and inviting space, or redesign the reception at your office. In that case, an expert interior designer can help bring both of those visions to life.

Our interior designers in Dublin can also work with other experts for various tasks such as installing new flooring, tiles, or lights  and cabinets . This means they’re able to conclude all projects, whether residential or commercial, professionally and at the best price.

Do I Need Any Permits to Redesign My Space?

If you’re only changing interior floors, furniture, or painting, you do not need any permits. However, when there are any structural changes such as knocking down interior walls, adding walls or raising the roof, you will need to apply for permits and amend the building plans.

However, our interior designers in Dublin will be able to assist you with this process so that you can relax in the knowledge that everything is being done the right way.

What’s the Cost of YourPro Interior Designers in Dublin?

There are a few things that impact the cost of interior designers in Dublin. For one, the services you require, is it just layout design, or will there also be furniture and lighting selections?

Secondly, another important consideration is the size of the space you need to be decorated. For example, is it a small hall bathroom, an entire kitchen, or perhaps even a whole house? All these factors combine to determine the final cost of having an interior decorator.

Bearing that in mind, we can give you some rough estimates of what you can expect. An interior designer may charge between €60 to €70  for the initial visit and set up a design plan and formal estimate for the entire project. On average, an interior designer can cost anywhere from €1000 to €5000 per project, depending on complexity, and excluding any furniture and specially sourced items. 

You’ll see that as you complete the form on YourPro, on the left-hand side, we’ll show you an estimate for the project based on the options you select. This is just a guide so that you can prepare a rough budget for the project. Once the interior design expert has met with you and finalised the design plans, they’ll provide you with a detailed estimate for the project.

Who Is Responsible for the Cost of Interior Decorating?

If you rent and decide to get an interior designer , you will be liable for all costs. Please also be aware that you might be restricted to only being able to make furniture and decor changes as a renter. You might not be able to change the walls, floors, or light fixtures without express permission from the landlord or property owner.

What Are the Areas That YourPro Interior Designers Service?

YourPro supplies excellent interior design services to all of Dublin and the surrounding area. We’re working very hard to expand our reach to other areas as well. If you want to see if your area is covered, you can easily do so from our website or in the app. Simply scroll down and click on ‘Areas We Cover’ for a list of all the areas that we currently provide services to.

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