What Are The Kitchen Trends for 2022?

What Are The Kitchen Trends for 2022?

Your kitchen is a great place to experiment with decor. If you feel like your kitchen has an old design, or lacks inspiration or in general, you just don’t like it, don’t worry. Thankfully, there are countless things you can do to refresh your kitchens’ style and in this article, we will show you the 5 freshest and most dynamic trends that you can easily follow. 

So How Can You Change your kitchen for 2022? 

1.  Colour match your kitchen

A dynamic trend that transforms the entire kitchen and gives it a sophisticated touch is the usage of the same shade of color throughout your kitchen. You can choose the same shade for your cabinets and walls and why not go further and incorporate it into your flooring. But we suggest you do not stick to the boring old white. Gray for example is one of the strongest colors of the season and you can use it in various shades. If you feel adventurous enough, you can pick a color you love and play with different finishes. For example, you can use a glazed tile backsplash for your kitchen wall and keep the same color in different finishes like matte for your countertops. This will give your kitchen depth while keeping it 

2. Metallic details 


Put metallic details in your kitchen to add style and a dose of luxury. Gold, silver, and bronze are 3 colors that can be easily used in decorative items and kitchen items. These materials and colors create nice contrasts with pale shades on the walls. Incorporate gold into your layered lights, kitchen door handles, or go further and add gold color to your cabinets. It will change the look of the room by adding a very dynamic touch. 

3. Kitchen cabinets without handles


"Touch to open" system or cabinets without handles, quickly entered our lives and if you are thinking of changing your kitchen cabinets this is a choice that you will surely love. Its’ advantages are many: convenient operation, the possibility of installing new cabinets even in narrow corners, a combination of facade materials and finishing. Finally, cabinets without handles "attract" much less attention and do not overload the image of your kitchen.

4. "Smart" kitchen



The promising direction of gadgets and high-tech appliances uplifts the kitchens’ style. With smart mechanisms, the space will not only look modern but also tidier. More specifically, the sockets are recessed, the small appliances are hidden, the ovens and the dishwasher are integrated and the hobs are merged on the counters. In short, choose high-quality and multifunctional equipment that will become your best helper for years to come.


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