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Jacqueline J.

I had a flawless collaboration with the tradesperson. Very kind and helpful. I highly recommend him.

Mary C.

Very good tradesperson with consistency in delivery time! Thank you YourPro for this amazing person and tradesperson!

Evan M.

Very pleasant person and a good tradesperson, good prices in terms of result and quality he delivered I was very happy, I highly recommend him!

Nicole C.

Very satisfied with the overall work and the quality of the work. The final price I paid was the same that he originally told me on the phone beforehand tradesperson and consiste…

Aoife M.

He did a very good job, despite the difficulties he faced in the process of the renovation. Neat and at reasonable price!

Samantha M.

Awesome tradespersons who treat their work with love and consistency. They understand the customer and they are willing to serve them to the maximum. High level of services. I hi…

Clare C.

Very good work. professionalism, detailed and analytical offer, accuracy and attention to detail, excellent overall result. Highly recommended.

Rachel M.

Very good tradesperson, always on time, he did an excellent job and he is very kind as well! highly recommend him.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Home Remodelling Jobs Are the Most Popular?

If you're looking for house renovation services in Dublin, you might not know where to start. After all, there's a long list of contractors and a ton of different potential improvements. To get a starting point, consider the most popular remodelling jobs:

  • Frame Replacement: Many people choose to replace old frames with aluminium or PVC. These products are more energy-efficient. If you're going for a modern look, enclose large areas with sliding frames.
  • Painting: Painting is one of the quickest home renovation tasks. It can show off how your room looks. Certain shades can make your home look brighter and more open. Plus, this simple investment can help raise the value of your home.
  • Room Divider Installation: Some customers decide to use dividers to split their space into zones. This project helps increase functionality. 
  • Plumbing and Electrical Work: Plumbing and electrical work can be a renovation emergency. These systems are essential for everyday life, so you need them up and running as quickly as possible. 

If you're planning a remodel, consider having your plumbing and electrical structures checked. Keeping them up-to-date can help prevent sudden failures. 

  • Wallpapering: Putting up wallpaper can give a room a cute new look without the mess of painting. It's cheap, and there's plenty of designs to pick from. 
  • Insulation Updates: These tasks include instalment of thermal, waterproof, or sound insulation. Clients choose different options depending on their needs. For example, you might go with thermal insulation if you want to keep the temperature in your home consistent and comfortable, and it can reduce your energy costs.

What Should I Watch for When Looking for a Contractor?

When looking for a renovation service in Dublin, there are some red flags you should watch for:

Uncertified Contractors: You want to make sure the people remodelling your home are experts. Getting stuck with the wrong contractor may mean severe damage to your property. You should ensure the person you choose has the correct permits.  

  - We recommend learning everything you can about them. However, we know this can be an overwhelming task. Thus, we collect this data for you and compile it all in one place. 

- You can use YourHero  to find a professional contractor in Dublin quickly. These workers are experts in the field and service all over the city, including Dalkey, Dún Laoghaire, and Portobello. 

Advances: Make sure the method of payment is discussed from the get-go. Research shows that contractors who get partial or complete payment before the project starts take longer to finish. If you do decide to give them an advance, follow these tips:

- Only pay up to 30%

- For large projects, keep 10% of the above percentage until the end of the first month

Misunderstandings: Make sure your expectations are clear from the start. Even an expert remodeler can't read your mind. Create a detailed contract. If the contractor does this step, make sure to read it thoroughly before signing it. You avoid any misunderstandings by communicating clearly exactly what you want.   

Discounts: You've been trained to believe that saving money is always a good thing. However, unrealistic renovation offers are most likely scams. Price markets tend to be relatively the same no matter what contractor you use.  If you're paying less, you're probably getting a lower-quality renovation. People giving out discounts also tend to drive up the cost with hidden fees. 

Can I Renovate a House I am Renting?

Yes, you can take on renovation projects on rented properties. However, you're restricted in what changes you can make. The limitations are based on your contract. 

Before hiring a contractor, check these terms and conditions. You should also get approval from your landlord before starting any project. These actions will keep you from getting into trouble for unauthorized renovations. 

If the project breaches your contract, they may ask you to move out. We suggest getting written approval rather than relying on a verbal agreement. This way, you're protected if the landlord later denies authorizing the renovation. 

A landlord isn't allowed to be unreasonable, but they can expect you to return the property in a similar condition. Some examples of home improvements the owner might approve include:

  • Wallpaper Installation
  • Painting
  • Home Decorator
  • Lighting Changes
  • Security Door Installation
  • Adding Curtains or Blinds
  • Upgrading to a Solar Water Heater or Boiler
  • Home Rewiring and Plumbing Repairs  

Does Renovating a Property Require a Permit?

In Dublin, minor repairs won't require a permit. However, substantial renovation projects may require planning permission. These renovations include anything that impacts the neighbours or community. 

Examples of these projects include:

  • Establishment of a creche
  • Home garage renovations designed for business use
  • Creating a bed and breakfast that has more than four bedrooms  

Additionally, we must acquire a small-scale works permit if we modify the interior layout or use scaffolding. 

We understand that these rules can be confusing and stressful, especially when you need emergency home improvements. You may not have time to apply for the proper authorization in these situations. Therefore, we take care of any necessary licensing procedures for you. 


How Long Does a Home Renovation Take?

A total renovation typically takes anywhere from two weeks to three months. If you only need one or two rooms remodelled, it can take as little as one week. 

This time frame is only an estimation. The required time for home renovation services depends on the size of the space and what you want to be done. A house with four bedrooms or less takes three to four days for two contractors to paint. 

On the other hand, a property with five or more would take five to six days for the same workers. Insulating an attic of approximately 1,000 square meters might take around two and a half hours. Still, it may take longer if it:

  • Requires more vents
  • Is a tight space
  • Needs to be air-sealed
  • Is hard to access 

How Much Does Home Renovation Cost?

Home renovation costs from professional contractors on our site can vary depending on the job size and remodelling tasks. It can be as low as €50 per square meter. Below, we break down the average prices for some popular renovation projects:

  • Tiling: €6/sq.m.
  • Painting: €5/sq.m.
  • Roof Insulation: €16/sq.m.
  • Cabinet Installation: €55
  • Radiator Replacement: €45/sq.m.
  • Frame Replacement: €180
  • Interior Door Installation: €35 
  • Wall Demolition: €10/sq.m.
  • Security Door Installation: €130

Once you choose one of our experts, negotiate a final payment offer. This amount won't change during the project unless extra materials are needed, or sudden surprises pop up. 

Are Consultations With Potential Contractors Free?

Yes, consultations with potential contractors from our site are free. You give them the project information, and then they let you know how much they'd charge. This way, you get to shop around and find the best value for your budget. 

To calculate a detailed renovation offer, they visit the property to study the area. If you live in a remote location, the expert may charge a travel fee. However, they'll notify you beforehand. 

How Much Design Freedom Do I Have?

Ultimately, the renovation is for your space. You have complete freedom in the direction of the project. Once you pick your expert, workshop with them. You can ask them for their opinion or advice. They may even show you previous projects for inspiration. 

The contractor makes suggestions based on:

  • Neighbouring buildings
  • General environment
  • Natural lighting
  • Existing style
  • Space orientation

You can even choose the building materials. The expert suggests high-quality materials that fit your needs and budget. 

The final decisions about your home renovation services are solely yours to make. You don't have to follow the contractor's advice, but it's there if you need it. 


Do I Have to Be There for the Project?

You don't have to attend for your housefor the contractor to complete it. Of course, your input is necessary but you don't have to be worried, your remodel project is in good hands. You'll need to be involved as the project goes through the following steps:

  • Engineer site visit
  • Renovation offer
  • Selection of materials
  • Project construction
  • Result delivery

However, you can be involved from a distance. All communication can be done remotely if needed. The expert can keep you up to date with photos and videos.

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