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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get an Awning?

It’s amazing what adding an awning to your home can do. Awnings make homes more enjoyable and can improve your lifestyle. The summer is short, with only a few warm months, after that it seems to be always rainy and cloudy. Awnings bring the inside out and add living space. The extra room means that you’ll be able to entertain more often, maybe with more people. An awning makes you less vulnerable to weather variances and unpredictability. You’ll still be able to have a special gathering regardless of the weather. Besides, everyone can always use fresh air when it’s dreary out. There are many reasons to get an awning. They are different types of awnings, uses, sizes, materials, and price points.

Advantages of awnings include versatility, they can be used over doorways, windows, and on the patio. An awning above the doorway protects you from the elements as you struggle to look for the house keys while it’s raining or while you’re holding groceries. Awnings above windows provide privacy. They’re a clever way to add interest, curb appeal, dimension, and colour to your home. Require little to no maintenance and have a long lifespan. Can be stored for the colder months without any advance preparation. Awnings are attractive and functional at the same time. You’ll quickly wonder how you lived without one before.

What Are the Different Types of Awnings?

There are three main types of awnings: stationary, freestanding, and retractable. Each one has recommended applications. Stationary awnings are not used on home patios because it wouldn’t be cost-efficient to build and maintain one that can withstand the elements. They’re most often used by businesses and in commercial applications. Freestanding models create separate living spaces such as a designated outdoor cooking area or a quiet sitting place to sit away from the house. Retractable is the most common type of awnings used because they’re the most versatile, inexpensive, and easiest to use.

Advantages of Retractable Awnings:
  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective
  • Are unobtrusive and stored when not in use
  • Can be used year-round Durable and long-lasting
  • Retractable awnings are stored in a matter of minutes

Types of Retractable Awnings:
  • Retracting the awning can be manual, automatic, or remote-controlled.
  • Automatic and remote-controlled options with extras and bonus features.
  • Manual, hand-cranked retractable awnings.
  • Manual retractable awnings are recommended because they’re the most cost-effective and reliable.
  • Cranks rarely break down.
  • Automatic and remote-control versions use other components that may require servicing.

Other costs for Awnings:
  • Accessories such as wind and sun sensors and smartphone controls are available if you want to get fancy.
  • All the bells and whistles are extra costs and are a matter of preference and budget.
  • Motorized features can be added later, which is excellent because you can postpone the decision and added costs.
  • We recommend looking at manufacturer warranties for peace of mind.

How Do I Measure an Awning?

Using YourPro, you can leave the measuring to us. Once you have selected one of our experts, they’ll come out and take care of everything. From measuring to installation, we have you covered. Awnings used for doors and windows are typically fixed, with the smallest widths and projections. Like doors and windows, these fixed awnings come in standard sizes with different widths and projections readily available for purchase. Our trusted professionals will guide you with this every step of the way.

Retractable awnings, often used on patios, have two measurements: width and projection or span how much coverage you want. Retractable awnings can be retracted as much as needed. For example, a five-foot retractable unit can be extended one foot or all the way.

What Style is Best for Your Awnings?

Style, as a reflection of your home, is a personal choice. Our awning installers and professionals can help you find what will best suit your home and style. The good news is that there are many styles and colours of awnings to match the look of your home. For example, awnings over doors are domed or square, they can be modern or classic. Stationary awnings are made of wood, metal, or fiberglass. Coverings for retractable awnings are available in many colours and patterns. Stripes and solid colours such as hunter green, beige and blue are often used.

What Are Awnings Made Of?

There are two primary components of an awning: the frame and the awning cover. A mix of steel and aluminium is used for frames because it’s rust-proof, solid, and durable. Some models have bars with different widths and girth at varying prices. Retractable awning covers are made of different fabrics: cotton, canvas, polyester, and vinyl. People often choose polyester and vinyl for their awnings because they are durable and waterproof. Covers made of canvas are susceptible to mildew and UV deterioration so are less popular. UV-resistant options are popular in countries where shade is a priority.

Will the Awning Be Supplied?

Yes, as part of the job and services available on our platform, our reliable partners will provide all the necessary supplies, including the awning. Taking the hassle out of your awning project, our awning installers and professionals will bring and use all of their own tools necessary for the installation.

How Much Will the Project Cost?

YourPro provides an estimate to you before any work starts so you can be sure of what you’re spending. There are no hidden costs involved. Prices will vary based on the scope of the job and the particular awning you want. There are options to meet different budgets. Awnings with greater customization, other materials, features, and built-in installation are the most expensive.

The cost of installing an awning varies on several factors:
  • Where it’s being placed
  • The type of mounting surface If the surface requires reinforcing
  • The size and weight of the awning Whether or not electrical connections are needed

Awnings can be used in many places for different purposes. They’re versatile and inexpensive. The cost of buying an awning far outweighs the enjoyment you will get by having one. Awnings are functional and decorative. You can add interest to your home’s facade or maximize outdoor living space by getting one. Average awning installations range from €500 to €2,500. Customized options, including installation, range from €2,000 to €5,000.

How Long Do Awnings Last?

Awnings can last a long time. The benefits of having an awning far exceed the costs involved. Frames can last as much as 10 to 15 years. The lifespan of awning covers depends on care, material, location, and usage. Annual cleaning, removal of water puddles to prevent stretching of the material, and retraction when not used help them last longer. Replacement covers can be purchased. Special tools and washes are not required. Polyester and vinyl covers are easily cleaned with soap and water.

What If I Rent an Awning?

Check your rental agreement and with your landlord to get permission to install an awning because they require drilling and are affixed to building structures.

How Long Will it Take to Install an Awning?

Our handy awning installers will let you know beforehand, what to expect in terms of how long the installation will take. We can work with your schedule so that you’re not inconvenienced. Straightforward installations can be done in a few hours. More complicated awning installations on eaves and roofs take longer.

Why Use YourPro to Book your Awning Installation?

Our platform leverages technology to find resources for your awning project and solve an array of consumer problems. The intuitive search function makes it easy to find the right help. Our recommended professionals are reliable, trustworthy, and transparent. Customers have vouched for them and reviews of their work are online. YourPro is the leading provider of home service projects. We take the work out of searching for and hiring a trusted expert. The company launched in 2015 and has since assisted more than 350,000 clients find the right professional for the job, whether it be awnings or other jobs like instant repairs (like electricians , plumbers) or renovations (like kitchen fitters or house renovations), and much more.