Tips and Ideas for Using Wooden Pallets as Garden Decorations

garden decorations
Having a house with a garden brings peace and joy to any home. While some are content with simply having grass in the yard, others would like to enhance the view with garden decoration. Did you know that it can be as easy as repurposing wooden pallets?

In this article, we’ll show you some unique ideas and methods for creating pallet garden furniture for your yard. These inexpensive building blocks can quickly become gorgeous decorations with practical purposes. Also, we’ll show you the best way to select and prepare them.

Pallet Garden Furniture Ideas for Decoration

So many companies have wooden pallets to spare that they might eventually discard due to minor damage. Even if you want to buy them, they don’t cost that much, and some businesses sell them in bulk.

If you manage to get your hands on some, here are some exciting ways you can make transform wooden pallets into garden decorations.

Multi-Purpose Planters
If you ask anyone how you can use wooden pallets as garden decorations, one of the most popular answers will be as a planter. There are different ways you can arrange the sections to grow plants in soil, either low to the ground or high.

You can take this a step further by adding another pallet as a backboard or privacy screen. Take a few creepers and let them grow vertically up on the screen. You now have a quiet space to admire your plants, hidden from the view of anyone else. If planned properly, you can add smaller sections as cup holders or shelves for tools.

Another way to use wooden pallets is to make garden furniture out of them. Low tables are popular for family gatherings or if you want to read by the sound of the birds. It’s also enjoyable to have a small table surface for a picnic or to hold your coffee.

One exceptional pallet furniture idea we’ve seen online is an entire sofa suite made of wooden pallets. They’re combined to make two to three-seaters, and you can even make a corner table for an L-shaped design. It’s so easy to be creative with your garden decorations!

Vertical Gardens
If you have more length in your yard than actual floor space, consider crafting vertical gardens from your wooden pallets. All you do is secure them in a vertical position before placing pots or hanging plants on them.

One of the benefits of a vertical garden is that you can make maximum use of sunlight if it only reaches one part of your yard. Also, it changes the dull appearance of your precast concrete or brick walls into a spectacular floral or herbal display.

Stylish Shelves
Placing your wooden pallets vertically can have another purpose as a garden decoration. You now have stylish shelves to store your tools, pots, and other assortments. If you want, you can paint the pallets a specific colour or theme to match the items you’re storing outsides.

Creative Storage Units
Do you need a place to store your garden hat, gloves, pruners, and other tools and equipment? There’s no need to spend a fortune on lavish garden sheds and containers when you can make them with wooden pallets.

The best part of this pallet furniture idea is that you get to decide how you would like it to look. You can also design it fit for purpose, as long as you plan beforehand what will be stored and what shape it will be.

Innovative Way to Create a Grill or Fulacht
Here’s an idea for pallet garden furniture that we randomly discovered while watching videos on YouTube one evening. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to build a grill or fulacht in the backyard without bricks and cement.

The idea is that you stack and nail the wooden pallets in place with an area where you can place a griller. The other option is to still use bricks on the inside if you want a wood fire, while also making sure you close the brick area so that the wooden pallets don’t catch alight.

Smaller Wooden Pallet Projects
When you’re making garden decorations with wooden pallets and end up with off-cuts, don’t throw them away! You can use them for smaller projects. Some examples include cupholders, coasters, cube pots, and many others. Let your creativity run wild with ideas.

Selecting and Preparing Wooden Pallets for Garden Decoration

We know you’re excited by our pallet furniture ideas and can’t wait to get started. Just hold on a second; there’s more to it than taking pallets and turning them into yard furniture. Here are some tips on how to select and prepare them for your projects.

Pallet Styles

Did you know that pallets come in different styles based on the requirements of the user? You might not think it will make a difference, but it will help you with any specific designs you have in mind.

Some of the more common pallet styles are the following:
  • The standard 1200 x 800 pallet
  • Two-way entry: reversible, close-boarded with no base board, extended wing
  • Four-way entry: close-boarded with 3 base, perimeter base, extended wing, close-boarded with perimeter base, open-boarded with 3 base
Treatment codes
While finding a spotless or non-defective pallet is only half the challenge, you need to keep in mind that some companies have the wood treated to prevent pests, spills or burns from destroying them. If you check the corners, you may just find treatment codes.

It’s essential to check these, as there may be chemicals involved that will be harmful to your plants, the environment, or any insect life you’re encouraging in your garden.

Here are some codes you might find on wooden pallets:
  • DB (debarked): Not treated and generally safe to use
  • HT (heat treated): Not chemically treated and generally safe to use
  • MB (Methyl Bromide): avoid use in your garden
  • EPAL (European Pallet Association Logo): both debarked and heat treated, which means its safe to use
  • EUR (former EPAL): don’t use unless approved by EPAL
  • Irish Associations: some Irish pallet associations have specific logos for marking them safe for use, such as EPAL UK and Ireland.
  • Coloured Pallets: unless marked as safe, completely avoid use due to toxins.
Where to Find Pallets
You’d be surprised how many sources there are for wooden pallets. Some companies sell them online in bulk, while you might find others giving them away for free in online groups.

If you want to be on the safe side, you can have a look at these sources for wooden pallets:
  • Feed or pet supply stores
  • Construction sites or shops
  • Landscaping organisations
  • Newspaper distribution centres
  • Lumber yards or stores
Preparing Wooden Pallets for Your Garden

You need to be incredibly careful when working with wooden pallets. They may have nails or other harmful objects jutting out that can hurt you or cut you open. Be sure to check all surfaces for possible dangers.

To further prepare the pallets for your garden decoration, you’ll also want to sand or varnish the surfaces to protect them from the elements. Some tools you’ll also need for creating your furniture may include a hammer, pry bar, nail punch, drill, cutter, or oscillating tool. Be sure to plan your design and required equipment beforehand.

Try Something New in Your Garden with Wooden Pallets!

There are so many ideas for creating pallet furniture for your garden decorations. It takes meticulous planning and preparation before you’re ready to craft shelves, tables, or vertical gardens that your family will love.

If you would rather be safe than sorry, you can contact one of the garden landscape professionals on our YourPro platform. They’ll happily visit your yard to get an idea of what will work well.


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